Translation of buoy in Spanish:


boya, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbui/ /bɔɪ/


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    boya feminine
    • At Carval Rock we tie off to a mooring buoy bolted into the reef at 15m.
    • Your July cover caption reflects that the Star Flyer is ‘gliding peacefully through the Aegean Sea’ when she actually rests at anchor, tied between two mooring buoys.
    • Nine fixed navigation aids and five buoys are scheduled to replace them by mid 2004.
    • The dive site is marked by mooring buoys in the bay before Cabo Cope.
    • First, two experienced divers armed with buoys marked the reef and the area which needed to be cleaned.
    • The association is in the planning stages of setting up mooring buoys at the more visited sites like Pantai Merah, Padar Island, and Cannibal Rock.
    • Permanent mooring buoys are provided at all diving sites, and these are colour-coded to denote whether they are for use by local dive schools or by private boats.
    • Modern, well-equipped dive boats leave every day for different sites, all 60 of which have mooring buoys.
    • It's encouraging to see that there are only two other dive boats on the wall and the mooring buoys are well spaced out.
    • Offshore, there are a host of marine navigation aids such as floating and fixed buoys and lighthouses - each with special icons so you can identify them easily.
    • According to the plan, white buoys would designate coral reefs and sea preservative areas.
    • The thief had apparently let the stern anchor go and had marked it with a buoy, giving the impression that the boat would be back shortly.
    • Newry and Mourne Council are providing necessary navigation buoys in the Clanrye River estuary from Narrow Water to the Victoria.
    • The mooring buoy grid itself will be safer and far more compact than the present anchoring arrangements and will leave plenty of space for other boats to anchor.
    • At the same time, a mooring buoy design competition, with cash awards, was held in the villages of the park.
    • Accumulations of zebra mussels clog municipal water systems, and have even been known to sink navigational buoys by their combined weight alone.
    • Two new navigation buoys will be provided in the channel and alterations are to be carried out on existing navigation lights.
    • The wreck is marked by a buoy attached to a big concrete mooring block off the stern.
    • To safely navigate a boat, one has to be able to see and identify day marks, buoys and the occasional sign for the restaurant we want to visit.
    • Having achieved this, the fishermen then returned to the marker buoy to retrieve the anchor.