Translation of burdensome in Spanish:


oneroso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbərdnsəm/ /ˈbəːdns(ə)m/


  • 1

    • She's the executive director, meaning she must endure two recurring messages, both burdensome in their own ways.
    • Given the overwhelming needs of multiply diagnosed consumers, coordinating treatment among treatment providers can be burdensome.
    • Strategically located naval bases capable of berthing the carriers would also have to be constructed, adding to the already burdensome bill.
    • However, the proposal is financially less burdensome for the government.
    • Early retirement rules apply in other particularly burdensome professions.
    • My client realizes that altering your name may seem a burdensome proposition at this time.
    • Any sensible person would think that erecting a 12 ft tree is not a particularly burdensome task.
    • The only way to make this load less burdensome is to give presents.
    • We wouldn't be trying to run or control the charities, just to do everything we could to make their own task less burdensome. "
    • As such the money soon evaporates into thin air and the beneficiary is now left with the more burdensome task of repaying the loan.
    • And contingency plans were made available if payments still proved too burdensome.
    • The CDC review focused on patient-oriented outcomes: survival, cognitive outcomes, hospitalizations, and the use of invasive or burdensome therapies.
    • Many firms in France and Germany already find the cost of employment extremely burdensome.
    • But while they may be instructive, requiring them seems burdensome.
    • But many member states say the task to bring cases against spammers is burdensome.
    • My company's accounts receivable used to be large and burdensome.
    • The long-term financial responsibility of starting a new family at the age most Westerners retire can be awesome and burdensome.
    • The coexistence of state and federal securities regulators has often been criticized by the industry as inefficient and burdensome.
    • Secondly, it is argued that the imposition of liability for omissions would create burdensome duties of affirmative action which interfere with individual liberty.
    • Informing, educating, leading and sometimes cajoling an industry to achieve what it is capable of achieving is a burdensome task.