Translation of bureaucracy in Spanish:


burocracia, n.

Pronunciation /bjʊˈrɑkrəsi/ /ˌbjʊ(ə)ˈrɒkrəsi/

nounplural bureaucracies

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    burocracia feminine
    • It also reduces the links between social democracy and overbearing bureaucracy.
    • He surveys the continued break-up and decline in influence of the old social democratic bureaucracy and predicts that reaction will benefit.
    • In this case the people are circus performers, not very good ones, and the system is the Communist bureaucracy of Czechoslovakia.
    • I will bet that members opposite will vote for bureaucracy rather than for common sense.
    • Weber's most notable contribution, however, lay in identifying the importance of bureaucracy to modern politics.
    • It is not focused on the growth of the economy, but on the growth of surpluses, welfare dependency, and bureaucracy.
    • It is just more socialist bureaucracy and more pandering to the trade union movement.
    • Far from their learning any lessons, these events drive them closer to bureaucracy, the national bourgeoisie, and imperialism.
    • He believed in the benefits to be gained from freeing people from the shackles of bureaucracy and excessive regulation.
    • Dawa had been working under Chinese bureaucracy for quite some time.
    • When Yahoo bureaucracy rules, people die in the health services and the aged in nursing homes are victimised while benchmark payments are pocketed.
    • In Germany, a genocidal society was working with state bureaucracy to roll out the massive program of the Holocaust.