Translation of bureaucrat in Spanish:


burócrata, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbjʊrəˌkræt/ /ˈbjʊərəkrat/


  • 1

    burócrata masculine, feminine
    • A sheet of paper - the texts of new drafts soon to be debated by faceless bureaucrats - were pored over.
    • The real concern of the union bureaucrats is to not be left out of the ruling class' machinations.
    • Prime Minister José María Aznar rushed to contact Fidalgo personally and express his concern for the union bureaucrat's health.
    • We'd save the 10 percent and the army of bureaucrats who administer the mess.
    • And what are the chances of redundant bureaucrats being made redundant?
    • However, many officials and bureaucrats agree that better management is essential.
    • I am all for catching my train more quickly, but I do wonder why the bureaucrats are evading a public debate.
    • By definition a bureaucrat is an official who insists on a rigid adherence to rules and routine regardless of the needs of the situation.
    • Because the top concern of bureaucrats is to fend off future problems, the red tape piles up.
    • Remote groups of corporate private capitalists were replaced by remote boards of corporate public bureaucrats.
    • I mean she was terribly aware of the bureaucrats and administrators with their workings.
    • His analysis applies whether the bureaucrats in question are public spirited or not.
    • If you're to assume that all people and all crimes are alike, then you don't need courts at all, you simply need a bureaucrat sitting in an office.
    • Invariably a bureaucrat of the media company concerned fronts up and runs an abstract sort of case, but I insisted on turning up myself to argue my own case.
    • Office workers and bureaucrats in the cities dress much the same as they do in the West.
    • An Africa where bureaucrats sit on plastic sofas and do bent deals from offices papered with Oxbridge degree certificates.
    • This was because the senior bureaucrats being changed or shifted belonged to certain key departments.
    • Hounded by petty bureaucrats out of his cramped offices on Calton Hill, art world legend Demarco has again landed on his feet.
    • The controllers form a separate class of corporate bureaucrats little different in outlook from civil servants.