Translation of bureaucratic in Spanish:


burocrático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbjʊrəˈkrædɪk/ /ˌbjɔːrəˈkratɪk/ /ˌbjʊərəˈkratɪk/


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    • The sheer size of the project speaks volumes about the overly bureaucratic weight of Tokyo's government.
    • In short, both nations must sharply reduce their traditional bureaucratic power.
    • The State Department is actually something of a bureaucratic minnow.
    • In addition to control, Congress also emphasizes bureaucratic accountability.
    • Its Government reacted by cutting 40 years of bureaucratic control in seven hours.
    • For that kind of money, we deserve bureaucrats who aren't very bureaucratic.
    • The circulars created formidable bureaucratic regulations to collect the tariff, with those importing goods via railways facing particularly onerous requirements.
    • The bureaucratic spirit pertains rather to stuffy Confucians, who foolishly imagine that the way to fulfill human potential is through service in officialdom.
    • But the world was to pay a price beyond imagining for the consolidation of bureaucratic misrule in the Soviet Union.
    • There are two reasons for this: firstly, the process of medical decision making is now indistinguishable from other types of bureaucratic administration.
    • Surely, he cannot any longer be expected to bear the full brunt of our judicial and bureaucratic bungles.
    • Others have applied anthropology to community development, but outside the conventional bureaucratic channels of government agencies.
    • A totally critical framework does not allow space for constructive struggle with and against varied bureaucratic factions.
    • Successful projects require enormous cooperation and creativity to incorporate nontraditional activities into a rigid bureaucratic system.
    • The specialization of employee jobs cannot be as extensive as is possible in large and bureaucratic types of organizations.
    • Faced with centrally organized and bureaucratic state apparatuses, dissident actors can adjust organizationally, moving towards more networked forms of organization.
    • By creating a legal and bureaucratic route to union representation and contract negotiations, the National Labor Relations Act largely obviated recognition strikes.
    • Social and bureaucratic structures display similar evolutionary patterns as well.
    • What is needed is a genuinely long-term approach that gives Pakistan the time and guidance necessary to emerge as an enlightened continental bureaucratic state.
    • They are accustomed to consider democratic government as the best system of government and bureaucratic management as one of the great evils.