Translation of burgeon in Spanish:


florecer, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbərdʒən/ /ˈbəːdʒ(ə)n/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (grow, flourish)
    (nature/plant) florecer literary
    (nature/plant) retoñar literary
    (market/organization) florecer
    • China and India's appetites for oil are burgeoning, demanding more and more from the world's oil wells.
    • The Vietnam anti-war movement began to burgeon in 1965.
    • Meanwhile the number of sixty-five-and-older people will burgeon, it will grow almost 55 percent.
    • The global market for malt products is growing rapidly because of beer's burgeoning popularity in developing markets.
    • The country's middle-management class is burgeoning, but why are so few patents being filed here?
    • Despite what many Americans may believe, the food scene in and around London is burgeoning.
    • The conflicts in both areas now pose a threat to burgeoning American economic and strategic interests in the region.
    • The illegal diamond trade that was burgeoning in Kimberley ensured that there was a steady supply of prisoners.
    • Central Park is rife with robins, great with grackles, and burgeoning with blue jays.
    • His performance is burgeoning with awkwardness and extreme fear, conveyed in nuance and physical appearance.
    • It seems that their main concerns lie in further expanding the already burgeoning US defence budget.
    • As London and other great population centers burgeoned in the fourteenth century, forests began to vanish, and coal became the fuel of choice.
    • In contrast, he explains, the executive branch has burgeoned, and continues to grow stronger.
    • What had begun as an exclusive club had burgeoned into an all-comers bazaar.
    • Over the years, as the publishing world has burgeoned, and the reading public swelled, Premier Bookshop unfortunately remained the same size.
    • As industry has burgeoned in China, so has the demand for oil.
    • As the art market burgeons, the fake market will keep pace.
    • Her target market is the area's burgeoning community of British expatriates.
    • Zolo's initial interest burgeoned into a national project to support the voyage, involving the Venetian council, the Italian Naval College, and the Earl Henry St Clair Society in Canada.
    • American, British and French firms, both big and small, entered the fray as the teddy bear industry burgeoned into a multi-million dollar market of global dimensions.
    • Burbank studied life at its fountain head - in the marvelous little buds and shoots and leaves that burgeon forth each spring to fill us anew with the awe for nature.
    • Overhead the light streamed down through a jigsaw canopy of burgeoning foliage.
    • A plant burgeons, flowers and dies; it does not come back to life, grow younger and regress to the original seed.
  • 2burgeoning present participle

    (awareness/demand) creciente
    (market) pujante
    (market) floreciente
    a burgeoning young talent of the Mexican cinema un pujante joven talento del cine mexicano