Translation of burglar in Spanish:


ladrón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərɡlər/ /ˈbəːɡlə/


  • 1

    ladrón masculine
    ladrona feminine
    • A pioneering scheme to gate off alleys to burglars and thieves could be on its way to parts of central York.
    • Police are to target crime hotspots in the Keighley division to purge the streets of robbers and burglars.
    • Please be warned that a group or groups of burglars and thieves are in the area.
    • Robbers, burglars and drugs dealers will be first to fall under the spotlight, they said.
    • Going soft on burglars and car thieves, she added, was a slap in the face for their victims.
    • If you think you have the right to assault a burglar, the burglar himself has a right of self-defence!
    • Many burglars commit dozens, or even hundreds, of crimes before they're caught.
    • The police time now dedicated to the drug trade would be freed up to catch burglars, rapists and murderers.
    • But to the victim of burglary the motivation of the burglar may well be of secondary interest.
    • It is like making someone who has had their house burgled pay to keep the burglar in jail!
    • Instead he neglected his duty and the burglars got away with those crimes.
    • It was the second time in three months that a member of the public had foiled the habitual burglar's crimes.
    • The crime spree has led victims from across the town to lose thousands of pounds in cash after being conned by burglars.
    • Well, the two burglars got away with the jewels but not without a fight.
    • Luckily they woke up when the window shattered, so the burglars got away empty handed.
    • He said she refused to accept her son had killed his wife and still believed the couple had been murdered by burglars.
    • Two policemen, chasing a burglar on foot, left their car open and his accomplice stole it.
    • Security footage of young burglars raiding a Cotswold church is being examined by police.
    • Don't lump them in with the drug dealers and burglars deliberately cheating the state.