Translation of burglarize in Spanish:


robar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbərɡləˌraɪz/ /ˈbəːɡlərʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • A stylish and street-smart thief tries to burglarise a billionaire.
    • You would be surprised at how many homes are burglarized because a future burglar saw your address on your luggage at the airport.
    • Nearly half say they or an immediate family member have had their home broken into or burglarized.
    • Criminals seldom travel far to find homes to burglarize, and violent crimes tend to be committed against friends and family members.
    • After all, if committing murder in D.C. or burglarizing apartments in San Francisco meant losing one's freedom, there'd be far fewer killers and burglars.
    • She also said important documents related to her allegations were stolen after her house was burglarized.
    • A gang of South Americans burglarized tourist hotel rooms in popular tourist locations around Thailand.
    • They then proceeded to burglarize the adjacent apartment, carrying their spoils back through the wall.
    • Another's truck was burglarized and the stolen handgun was used to wound a 7-year-old.
    • Honestly, what kind of dunce criminal would decide to not burglarize some place just because the radio is on and playing some light jazz?
    • Authorities are seeking two men who allegedly ran over and killed a railroad police dog after burglarizing railroad freight cars on Chicago's South Side.
    • If you catch someone burglarizing your home, it's not legal for you to follow her home and shoot her.
    • Can you imagine burglarizing the house across the street and then being suspected of the murder?
    • Our stores get burglarized… it's rarely done by the homeless.
    • Were you present the night the store was burglarized?
    • This particular home was already burglarized once; the damage done to the door so extensive it needed new locks.
    • He walked into the bedroom and discovered it was being burglarized.
    • You've heard all the stories about homes being burglarized, cleaned out while the owners were away.
    • Did you know that many of the homes that have been burglarized didn't have their security systems turned on?
    • Oh, by the way, if you have a safe and find your home burglarized, be on the look-out for a return visit.