Translation of burgle in Spanish:


robar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbərɡəl/ /ˈbəːɡ(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    our house was/we were burgled nos entraron ladrones en casa
    • An elderly woman foiled an attempt by con men to burgle her home after she became suspicious and screamed and shouted at them until they left.
    • A woman today told of her terror as she fought with an intruder trying to burgle her home at night.
    • He added their method was to burgle houses, steal car keys and load goods from the homes into the stolen vehicles before making off.
    • He got sucked into trouble and appeared before the courts on charges of failing to stop after an accident, burgling an unoccupied building and kicking a car.
    • We are talking about professional criminals who burgle houses purely for the cars.
    • ‘This guy was burgling an office building - one of those high-rise jobs,’ Collins explains.
    • Police are still trying to find the thieves who ran off with his cage when they burgled her house in Oldham.
    • If a burglar has a history of breaking through patio doors to burgle a house it's right that a jury should know that when he's in the dock, so that their lawyer cannot claim their client is whiter than white.
    • An unemployed 41-year-old man charged with burgling the home of an elderly Bromley couple will appear at Croydon Crown Court.
    • He said the public were sick and tired of their homes being burgled.
    • A woman who burgled the homes of two elderly people is beginning a two-year jail sentence.
    • A Selby pensioner and his sister have expressed their anger and despair after their house was burgled.
    • Every hour of every day, 98 homes are burgled and seven homes are hit by fire.
    • Would you really hesitate to call the police if your home was burgled?
    • Insurance had also rocketed because of churches being burgled, and heating costs had also soared.
    • But less than a month later on Christmas Eve the pub was burgled and stock taken.
    • The lady whose house was burgled was extremely traumatised and now can't go downstairs at night.
    • Police are appealing for witnesses after five homes were burgled over a two day period.
    • And then on June 17, five men were caught red-handed trying to burgle the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate building.
    • And if a thief can see from the car parked in your drive that you are security-conscious he is less likely to try and burgle your house.