Translation of burnout in Spanish:


agotamiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərnˌaʊt/ /ˈbəːnaʊt/

Definition of agotamiento in Spanish


  • 1US informal

    agotamiento masculine
    surmenage masculine
    • Failure to build in adequate rest into training will inevitably lead to both physical and mental burnout as well as injury.
    • Next, so that you don't suffer from burnout by overworking, take time to review and plan each move that you make toward your leaner, meaner company.
    • He withdrew from the game entirely before the end of that year, citing physical injuries and personal burnout.
    • The report concluded that there are too few nurses on the job, many of them suffering physical and emotional burnout.
    • They are coping with greater levels of stress and burnout coupled with minimal or no salary and benefit increases.
    • Despite lengthy recruitment and training processes, the picture is of teleworkers prone to stress, leading to burnout and rapid staff turnover.
    • The fact that it is nurses who of all the health professionals spend the most time with patients at the bedside is another area of potential stress and burnout.
    • Holding such conflicting feelings can lead to severe stress and burnout.
    • ‘I should have collapsed from burnout and shock,’ Richard said of that time. She thought about getting herself and her family out of town.
    • Pushy and overenthusiastic parents may consciously or unconsciously hinder their children's development and make them more prone to early burnout and mental fatigue.
    • Lleyton Hewitt, fearing physical burnout, did not play a single tournament for two months as he practised on grass in Melbourne to prepare for the final.
    • I learned that if you do other things, you can still bowl successfully, as well as avoid mental burnout.
    • It is speculated that teachers reporting relatively high levels of stress and burnout, may employ coping strategies or have personality attributes that mediate their feelings of accomplishment.
    • The school-administrator model developed by Gmelch is described in the Torelli and Gmelch discussion of occupational stress and burnout in the academic environment.
    • There is a lack of research information, however, concerning the relative levels of stress and burnout reported by New Zealand teachers compared with those reported in overseas studies.
    • Symptoms of teacher stress as contributing to burnout may take many forms.
    • Although levels of perceived stress in the current study were high, stress burnout may be a qualitatively different state and may yield stronger contagion effects.
    • He understands how the same passion and drive that are key to success as a teacher can lead to stress and burnout, and addresses a chapter to balancing the multiple demands on time and energy.
    • The findings of the present study lend support to Clegg's call for increased investment in supervision as a strategy for reducing the negative impact of stress and burnout among nurses.
    • Compassion fatigue involves and arises as a function of exposure to both primary and secondary traumatic stress as well as the cumulative effects of stress and burnout.
  • 2

    (del vuelo de un cohete) tercera fase feminine