Translation of burr in Spanish:


abrojo, n.

Pronunciation /bər/ /bəː/


  • 1

    (spiny seedhead)
    (small) abrojo masculine
    (small) cadillo masculine Colombia
    (large) erizo masculine
    • The plant must be eliminated before the flowers ripen and form the brown prickly burrs which spread the seeds.
    • He worked to make a synthetic material that duplicated the burs clinging to his wool socks.
    • It produces one inch long bur-like fruits with a single seed in each bur.
    • I watch out for the grass burrs and the fire ants with studied vigilance, but after years of living in Texas and just casually surveying such wildflower patches, I'm really looking at them for the first time.
    • All right, so once you got the burrs out and started writing down, what were you able to say in your story about this wonderful event?
    • We always get through these rough patches, but let's face it, no one ever likes sitting in a patch of grass burrs at the time no matter how funny the story may be later.
    • The area is a mess of dead grass, burrs and broken glass.
    • Wherever one grows up, there are local names that infiltrate our consciousness, get stuck in our memories like burrs snagged on a sock.
    • Memories are made of this; they cling to objects and places like burrs to a sleeve.
    • We have to chance getting stickers in our tongue, if we want to get the burrs out of our feet.
    • The accompaniment is an ostinato that sticks to the memory like a burr and becomes hypnotic.
    • Good-looking and backed by a healthy trust fund, he buzzes around from store to store, hot spot to hot spot, picking up women like burrs.
    • He had a bunch of burrs in his mane, but I left them alone.
    • According to National Park Service biologists, the burrs act like Velcro.
    • His clothes were smudged with grass and mud, his hands covered in small burr scratches and dirt.
    • Trees of these varieties produce only a single, large nut in each burr (nut-case) instead of several small ones.
    • There were burrs in its coat and when it rolled over on the lane, wiggling in ecstasy to have its belly rubbed, we could tell that it was a male.
    • She shook the twigs, burs, and dead leaves off of her skirt, and smoothed her bodice.
    • Ferns brushed her ankles and burs snagged her skirt as she stumbled along compulsively.
    • These plants are at their maximum stage of maturity and contain little leaf material in proportion to burs and stems.
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    (on edge of metal)
    rebaba feminine
    • When done, give the wall a light sanding to knock down any burrs or ridges.
    • It slices through any material (including six inches of titanium) without leaving any burrs, or rough edges.
    • Use a metal file to remove any burrs and to dull the sharp cut edges.
    • When working with it, you will want to wear gloves and other appropriate clothing to protect yourself from sharp edges and corners, and from the slivers and burrs left from cutting.
    • Sharpen only the beveled side of a blade, though you should remove burrs on the flat side.
    • This involved removing all the rough edges and casting burrs so there were no sharp edges.
    • On the plastic it will enter readily and throw up a burr at the edges of the hole.
    • When you complete the cut, file off any burrs and install it.
    • After tooling, cut off mortar tailings with trowel and brush excess mortar burrs and dust from face of brick.
    • The tooling includes a deburring operation in which burrs are actually pushed back into the component so that a clean edge is left on the part.
    • Apparently the parachute type pin had too sharp edges or maybe a little burr.
    • The threads for the bottom bracket were cut precisely with no slag or burs.
    • Take the burrs off the cuts with a pocket knife or sandpaper or fingernail file.
    • The cutters can be produced with high positive rakes, which contribute to smooth surfaces and reduced burrs.
    • His dad, Peter, who is a plumber, said: ‘We tried releasing the tube with soap but it had burrs on it from being cut.’
    • In engraving, fine lines are incised directly into the plate and the burrs removed to produce clean, sharp lines on the print.
    • The company's blasting capabilities can be used to achieve specific surface roughness or to affect surface hardness of parts and in some applications reduce or remove burrs.
    • The rifling for the entire length of the tube must be smooth and free of burrs and scars.
    • At a minimum, sand down the area to remove any roughness or burrs, and touch it up with paint.
    • I tried suggesting he tape over the burr or maybe file it down but he stubbornly insisted that it was fine, cursing under his breath the whole time he cranked the mill.
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    manera de pronunciar las erres en ciertas regiones (in pronunciation)
    • The Scotch-Irish are unlikely to share speech patterns and the characteristic burr (a distinctive trilled ‘r’) with the Scots.
    • Scots may lose their regional ties in becoming New Zealanders, and the accent softens or disappears apart from the Southland burr.
    • The best way I know of to learn a uvular trill, sometimes called a 'burr', is by practicing gargling.
    • Northumbrian English is somewhat famous for the Northumbrian burr, a rhotic realized as a uvular fricative (or approximant).
    • That genial smile, the fisherman's countenance, the soft burr - George Baker could only come from the West Country.
    • Amongst the crowd, whether on or off horses, the old fashioned accents of the gentry were mingled with the softer burr of the yeoman farmers and the downright rusticity of the less well-off.
    • Yes, it's the West Country burr which makes that rrrrrr sound.
    • Clune delivers the line with a soft West Country burr and adds, ‘That's what I'm going to call my show: Boy Crazy.’