Translation of bus driver in Spanish:

bus driver

chofer de autobús, n.


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    chofer de autobús masculine, feminine
    chófer de autobús masculine, feminine Spain
    conductor de autobús masculine
    conductora de autobús feminine
    camionero masculine Central America, Mexico
    camionera feminine Central America, Mexico
    colectivero masculine Argentina
    colectivera feminine Argentina
    microbusero masculine Chile
    microbusera feminine Chile
    • Our bus driver uses the horn more than the clutch, honking at every vehicle or pedestrian.
    • Friends, family and awed passers-by stood to watch the glorious procession, and bus drivers leaned out their windows to shake our hands.
    • The bus driver swerves to miss the woman.
    • Bus drivers blare their horns while frustrated passengers fume.
    • A bus driver is facing disciplinary action after he spent an entire bus journey sending and receiving text messages.
    • The company foresees bus drivers using the system to alert the authorities to obstructions likes cars parked in bus lanes.
    • No-one on the bus is reported injured, although the bus driver is said to be "shaken".
    • The beleaguered bus drivers on this run often take alternate routes or abandon the clogged freeway for city streets.
    • The bus driver didn't look up, so I flashed my pass in front of him then walked toward the back of the bus.
    • I realised that it was my stop so I got up and waved goodbye to Sakura and smiled at the kind bus driver.