Translation of bus pass in Spanish:

bus pass

abono de autobús, n.


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    abono de autobús masculine
    bono-bus masculine Argentina, Spain
    • Even the $63 per month bus pass must be an extra stretch to an already strained budget.
    • For a fraction of the costs of a bus pass, students will get unlimited access to transit.
    • The bus came and the two of them entered and presented their bus passes.
    • Many major universities currently have bus passes woven into the student fees.
    • I can't afford to come out here alone without the free bus passes and I won't be able to attend school out here.
    • At the bus stop she had dropped her bus pass.
    • If you have a bus pass you travel free of charge.
    • He got away with £50 cash, a bus pass and other cards.
    • The children of Ambleside receive a bus pass, and that's safer than using the cycle path.
    • I prefer to go by bus so I can use my bus pass.