Translation of bus station in Spanish:

bus station

estación de autobuses, n.


  • 1

    estación de autobuses feminine
    terminal de autobuses feminine
    • Schoolboy David Crowley told the court he was playing near the town bus station when he saw a man and a woman arguing over a child.
    • The bus station is in the town I'm working in, but not near where I work, and not on the way there.
    • Passengers who arrive by bus or train now have to walk across town to the old bus station if they want a taxi.
    • Having a bus company depot separate from a bus station is not unusual.
    • It covered the bus station, train station, school grounds, and the main routes in and out of town.
    • It's more or less redundant because most of the busses begin or terminate at the bus station and so never use it.
    • But she added that building work on the new bus station would cause some disruption in the town centre.
    • Melhado stole from teenagers at the bus station, the County Ground and in the town centre.
    • A second gateway to the town would centre around the bus station in Fairfield North.
    • But the best, indeed the only, place for the bus station is at Preston railway station.
    • At Preston, he said, the bus station is a mile from the train station and far too few buses were available.
    • The bus station will be located between what is currently Osborne Street and a revived Vineyard Street.
    • They also harbour suspicions that the current scheme is masking a bid to move the whole bus station to the site in the near future.
    • For me the scariest part was when we parted company at the end of the night and I had to sit alone in the deserted bus station to wait for a lift home.
    • The scheme envisages a new bus station, shops and 100 homes, with some leisure and offices.
    • Janet Abu Lughod suggests that in fact many of them settled right in the area around the bus station.
    • As the Quay will be closed to all traffic, the bus station will be temporarily moved to The Glen.
    • A taxi driver remembered taking him to the bus station later in the day.
    • A bus station is not the sort of place where you expect to meet poetry.
    • I will be monitoring the situation and hope soon to hear some good reports from residents about the bus station.