Translation of bush fire in Spanish:

bush fire

incendio de monte, n.

Pronunciation /bʊʃ ˈfaɪ(ə)r/ /ˈbʊʃ fʌɪə/


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    incendio de monte masculine
    • His franchise chain of sandwich shops has spread like a bush fire.
    • An increase in emergency room visits of asthmatic patients was shown in the reports of an urban warehouse fire and the 1987 bush fire in California.
    • Reading spread like a bush fire and could no longer be stopped.
    • Bush fire fighters had to concentrate on the smaller ‘spot’ fires and wait until the bush fire went out itself.
    • In a recent bush fire in America there were 500 fire trucks and 93 helicopters at the scene.
    • And shortly after we got approval a bush fire went through and burned what few trees there had been.
    • The bush fire, represented by the exploding figure in the centre of the painting, started at a place beyond the right edge of the painting.
    • That said, democracy is like an Australian bush fire.
    • It's not like a bush fire where you can go and put water on it.
    • Something weird happened yesterday - we went out to the nearby small town of Warragul and passed a bush fire on the way.
    • With gossip raging more quickly than a bush fire, Leonie fled for South Africa while her lover absconded to Peru.
    • Bakr said a small bush fire also broke out near the river bank of the compound and fire tenders had to respond to put it out.
    • In order to reproduce, and to survive, they will need the untamed energy of the bush fire.
    • The sea is pounding in but the sky is full of clouds and in the distance a bush fire is spewing smoke into the air.
    • Annual growth starts soon after the annual bush fire, at the change from the dry to the wet season (late January), and continues until October, at the next seasonal switch.
    • However, tragedy occurred once again during a bush fire in 1902, catching the house alight and burning it to ashes.
    • According to the official report into the US case, a transmission line disconnected because of hot gases from a bush fire.
    • He claimed falsely that his parents had died in a bush fire in Australia leaving him money to complete his education.
    • It takes one little spark to trigger a major bush fire, perhaps - and this could be it.
    • What are you going to do if a bush fire starts from a lit candle falling from your altar?