Traducción de busily en español:


Pronunciación /ˈbɪzəli/ /ˈbɪzɪli/


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    they were all busily working todos trabajaban afanosamente
    • she was busily writing her thank-you letters estaba muy ocupada escribiendo sus cartas de agradecimiento
    • We begin this week on Outcast Island, where Dylan is busily spearing fish.
    • Seated in front of what had been the bar, Morgan was busily keying in on the computer.
    • Behind the Irish coach, the camera pans over familiar ex-players all contributing, rather than administrators busily filling in their expenses slips.
    • You can see the workers are busily loading up cars.
    • The two teenage girls were busily engaged on the loom.
    • A small army of workmen were busily engaged yesterday, in putting on the finishing touches of the embellishments.
    • They sat quietly, busily observing the happenings in the hall.
    • Small children were busily searching for perfect samples of fallen leaves to collect.
    • Police, busily performing their cursory searches of every person, will therefore probably miss John's explosives.
    • Mrs. Reynolds proceeded on to her own workroom where Mrs. Darcy's maid was busily mending one of her mistress ' finer winter gowns.
    • On that bright, frosty January day, people were busily bustling about under the broad glass dome of the Taurida Palace.
    • One Saturday morning, Roger was busily working on his car.
    • On the eve of the festa every man, woman, cat, dog, and chicken was busily running hither and yon.
    • Meanwhile Smudgelet and I spent a fun-filled quiet afternoon while grandad slept busily constructing a model aeroplane.
    • The training session had finished and a handful of players were still out there busily signing autographs.
    • They are not shy birds and may allow close views as they busily feed.
    • I quickly dressed and hurried downstairs to find my mother busily preparing breakfast, after which I was given my big present.
    • Many houses were flooded, and the villagers were busily employed in devising means to keep the water out.
    • Inside, 30 young Richmond residents busily cut fabric and pin patterns to red and black felt.
    • They were busily sawing the tree when Billy said he'd have to go to the bushes.