Translation of business card in Spanish:

business card

tarjeta de visita, n.


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    tarjeta de visita feminine
    tarjeta de presentación feminine
    tarjeta comercial feminine
    • He produces a business card bearing his name printed on imitation wood stock.
    • After discussing systems with her, she gave me a business card - only her name wasn't on it.
    • Like most foreigners in China on my business card I have a name spelled out in Chinese characters.
    • Have you consented by giving someone a business card with your email address on it?
    • His name was Mr. Kayano, and he remembered my name from a business card I had given him at the temple.
    • I'd rather ask for a business card and say I will phone them when I have had time to think about it.
    • She couldn't recall what the R. in my name stood for and got out the business card I got her.
    • He reached under his side of the counter and pulled out a ticket with Ron's name, a key and a business card.
    • The receptionist nodded as she jotted down a name and telephone number on the back of a business card.
    • The white card was the same size as the average business card and had what looked like a cell phone number written clearly in black in the middle.
    • He also scribbled a name and cellphone number on a business card and handed it to her.
    • Doncheva returned the smile, and gave her business card to the woman's seven-year-old child.
    • He explained in great detail the catering options and prices and gave me his business card, as well.
    • It is the size of a business card, it carries 1,000 songs and it has been flying off the shelves in US pre-orders.
    • She slips a business card into his pocket and walks out of the bar.
    • Despite never handing out a business card, he has designed more than 50 homes over the past 10 years.
    • My brother came home today and handed me over a business card.
    • Every single one of them has left a business card as they've gone through.
    • One of the keys to networking is the business card, and Rezac suggests you always have at least seven of them on you.
    • Reaching into his wallet he pulls out a business card and hands it to me.