Translation of business end in Spanish:

business end

cañón, n.


  • 1

    (of gun) cañón masculine
    (of knife, sword) filo masculine
    (of hammer) cabeza feminine
    • The darts I shoot are regular aluminum-shaft arrows, but they have a float attached to the business end and a small cutting head threaded onto the tip.
    • Howard has asked Australia to give him the scariest gun he could imagine, and the business end is pointed at us.
    • Robbins' character finds herself on the business end of a bizarre torture device at one point, but the actress never allows the potential cheese of the situation to creep into her performance.
    • The Magnum opens up to 7.75 inches in length, with over four inches of that in a pugnacious handle stylistically befitting the business end of the knife.
    • I eyed it uneasily: the damn thing was twice the height he was, with a nasty assortment of cutting, slashing and stabbing blades at the business end.
    • However, he noticed right away the dark-haired woman holding a sword with the business end pointed at him.
    • The tall, lean man was about 50 yards away and pointing the business end of a rifle at Kevin.
    • Unscrew the appropriate end cap, point the business end away from you and pull the stainless steel D-ring with your finger.
    • If he had gone on walking, he would have walked straight into the business end of a blade.
    • It's also kind of nice that there's no gunplay until the final half-hour, which means that the characters have to use something other than the business end of a bullet to make their points.
    • A notched thumb ramp and fully sculptured and handle scales make this knife a delight to handle and lightening holes help shift the weight to the business end, as well as lessen the load.
    • It is capable of cutting up to 27.5 inches in a single cut, and handles up to 11000 lb at the business end.
    • But is that what the American people signed up for when we gave authorization via our representatives to go spread democracy at the business end of an M - 16?
    • Once he was the tweed-jacketed innocent who would gaily stuff his arm up the business end of a cow before accepting a cup of tea from a farmer's wife.
    • One, a former soldier and a retired manager of the local electric co-op, was at the business end of a shovel this week, burying electrical cable for the lights he bought out of his own pocket.
    • About three hundred people turned round to stare at us, including Kim's brother Miles, who's about twelve feet tall and looks like the business end of an oil tanker.
    • After a lengthy conference they were assigned temporary quarters in the business end of a badly hurt hangar.
    • Sometimes the vertical shaft was itself part of the business end of the machine, as in systems that ground grain between stones.
    • What other theme park features an Iraqi artillery piece, a helicopter and the business end of Concorde?
    • A shoe rack had been screwed to the ‘front’, on which the business end of the pipe could be rested at four different heights, changing the angle of fire.
    • They met the business end of the huge bomber up front and personal.
    • It was about half as long as I was, and the business end of it looked to be made out of solid steel and nothing else.
    • The business end is translucent and has some light emitting diodes inside.