Translation of business person in Spanish:

business person

persona de negocios, n.

nounplural business people

  • 1

    persona de negocios feminine
    empresario masculine
    empresaria feminine
    • In this case, and many others, the losers are often the small business person and her other employees, and possibly customers.
    • I conclude by saying that this week, while we are celebrating Peter Jackson's success, let us not forget he is not just an artist - he is an entrepreneur and a successful business person.
    • Nothing has come to me as a member of Parliament that indicates my employer is in any way complying with the requirements that I have to comply with, as a business person who employs people in this country.
    • ‘I'm a business person,’ says Mobley, who works in marketing.
    • Any business person will tell you that many who are not smooth public speakers are extremely effective leaders within organizations.
    • Based on the premise that an artist is a self-employed business person, the course helps artists identify the skills needed to manage their career.
    • Many people have said it is because I am a business person, a successful business person.
    • A network management tool can tell the non-technical business person when an attack is in progress.
    • She says: ‘To the small business person, the virtual assistant can mean the difference between failure and success.’
    • One business person who attended that meeting was Patricia Issacs-Green, owner and operator of Jamrock restaurant and sports bar, which is located in the centre of the area being targeted.
    • As a man married for 28 years, as an uncle who dotes on his family, as a business person taking risks that create jobs and opportunities and as an active member of my community, I am deeply insulted.
    • If you are a business person, knowing that a road is congested is worth something in terms of time.
    • A middle-class business person on his first tax-evasion offence and a young indigenous offender on a third shoplifting charge face radically different outcomes.
    • It will be a great place to stay if you are a business person because there is plenty to do in the evening.
    • A business person on McHale Road has found profits from their family run store have decreased by over 40% since the closure of the road.
    • We have got to put aside political differences and act swiftly and strongly on behalf of the American worker and the American business person.
    • Sheila was an outstanding business person and chef so her culinary expertise brought her into all kinds of parties, entertaining and serving dinners.
    • For a business person, the decision that they make doesn't have the authority that our laws have, so the decisions aren't as steady.
    • As a business person, the answer is self explanatory.
    • Any business person knows that without a degree of certainty regarding cash flow, investment in longer-term plans is risky.