Translation of business trip in Spanish:

business trip

viaje de negocios, n.


  • 1

    viaje de negocios masculine
    • Some time ago, I went on a short business trip from the Netherlands to the UK.
    • He said a business trip to the US with his father in 1986 helped him to learn more about the book trade.
    • Whether they're on a business trip or on vacation, these travelers are often in spending mode.
    • A trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden might turn a tiring business trip into something refreshing.
    • For example, you're on a business trip in an unfamiliar city and looking for the closest place to make a dozen copies of a presentation you have to give the next day.
    • "Now I can pay bills at virtually any time, from my home, my office, or my laptop if I'm on a business trip."
    • Rico was away on a business trip in Bangkok and the time difference might make it difficult to connect with him.
    • I visited this bar whilst on a business trip to Shanghai.
    • Weekends were no better—he was usually in other cities on business trips.
    • More than a quarter of those visitors were on business trips with no leisure involved.
    • I was working long hours and did many Monday to Friday business trips.
    • Don't book yourself into a four-star hotel on business trips and expect your employees to stay in the motel off the freeway.