Translation of businesslike in Spanish:


formal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪznəsˌlaɪk/ /ˈbɪznɪslʌɪk/


  • 1

    (person/manner) (serious) formal
    (person/manner) (serious) serio
    (person/manner) (efficient) eficiente
    (discussion) serio
    • We believe we should get a more professional, businesslike approach as a result of that, and I believe there will be a closer look at roading and the rail-track.
    • Last week, with scarcely a lifted eyebrow, that changed to the more businesslike approach that we are all grown-ups together and should behave as such.
    • We have seen a change over the last probably 10 or so years to a certainly more businesslike approach to pastoral enterprises.
    • I'm enormously proud of what was achieved there, especially the much more businesslike approach to managing the park.
    • We also would be better served if we went back to a more businesslike approach to our elected officials' private lives once we've hired them.
    • This essay begins by describing the policy innovation that began in the mid-1980s. Market-based policy ideas and a more businesslike approach were adopted.
    • ‘A clear and businesslike approach will insulate decisions from political whims,’ he adds.
    • We should be taking a more businesslike approach and saying that we need this amount of roading in this time frame, and we will have to borrow on this basis and pay it back from revenue earned.
    • With the opinions of others being canvassed as well it all points to a mature and businesslike approach to filling a vacancy that does have unique requirements.
    • His determination to improve the quality of colonial workmanship and to impose a businesslike system of payments incurred many enemies.
    • And that means a businesslike approach to determine a return on investment in ministry.
    • He has become more businesslike in his approach.
    • This is a new sight compared to the order he has lived under before, when everything seemed to operate so smoothly and with businesslike efficiency.
    • That businesslike approach does help cash flow, and, in a calm world with a reliable supply chain, it needn't impinge on care.
    • Hammond has scoured the world looking for on-the-ground examples of his businesslike approach to social change.
    • He learned to follow their low-key, businesslike approach because it was the best way to fit in with the group.
    • Lifting an eyebrow, Lenore resumed her pose as businesslike and efficient.
    • Directors are taking a more businesslike approach to everything they do.
    • Stay on the cutting edge of change but maintain a businesslike approach.
    • In contrast to the businesslike tone of the letters received by businessmen, the email is more personal in its appeal to the readers.