Translation of bust-up in Spanish:


ruptura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbəstəp/ /ˈbʌstʌp/


  • 1

    ruptura feminine
    • As the characters struggle to navigate the tangled web of their assorted affairs and bust-ups, they are routinely forced to spout alarming quantities of American therapy-speak of the kind popularised by shows such as Dr Phil.
    • And the WWF has not been without its problems: several accidents, lawsuits, bust-ups and gaffes all combining to give him some serious headaches in recent years.
    • Backroom bust-ups were, and still are, regular occurrences but are traditionally kept ‘in-house’ with the public none the wiser and differences quickly sorted out by the combatants.
    • There have been no major bust-ups but it's become pretty clear to everyone on the crew that neither Paul or Michelle wanted to be around one another too much longer.
    • But bust-ups with his leggy wives tended to overshadow his abilities and father-of-two Moore has lurched from one health scare to another with open-heart heart surgery and strokes.
    • Britain in Europe has had its bust-ups with Mr Brown, arguing either he was dragging his feet over entry to the euro or playing to the Euro-sceptic gallery ahead of key EU finance ministers' meetings.
    • In fact Todd, the son of former Derby manager Colin, has had something of a chequered career after leaving both Bolton and Charlton under a cloud following alleged bust-ups with club colleagues.
    • Now there are wrangles right, left and centre, with videos - filmed without guests' knowledge while they were drunk - causing no end of bust-ups.
    • Council officials say bust-ups are not good for democracy and the behaviour of some councillors has ‘left a good deal to be desired’.
    • Carr's family also described her turbulent relationship with Huntley, which they claim was characterised by frequent bust-ups.
    • She guided Naomi's career and supported her through drug addiction, a number of failed relationships and a string of public bust-ups..
    • In recent months, Barton and Davis were alleged to have had a series of furious bust-ups but rumours of unrest in the relationship were never confirmed.
    • And police attend meetings of the full council to ensure there are no bust-ups between BNP supporters and opponents.
    • Leslie, 43, and Chapman have had a string of bust-ups in a stormy marriage.
    • There were bust-ups all the time, and I never knew where we'd end up next.
    • Tuesday's skirmish with the tribunal judges was merely the latest of many acrimonious bust-ups.
    • There are many entertaining tales of bust-ups and fall-outs in Bob Preedy's book.
    • That's caused a few bust-ups in the past, especially when the petrol gauge is in the red and we need to find a garage.
    • We are heading for a big bust-up unless he changes his style.
    • That version of events was questioned by an industry analyst, who said: ‘It sounds like there has been a boardroom bust-up here.’
  • 2British informal

    pelea feminine
    bronca feminine informal
    • And somehow he got away with just a stern warning after a touchline bust-up in stoppage time.
    • The police are not used to dealing with anything more serious than the theft of a cow or a drunken bust-up in the local public house.
    • The Football Association could deal a further double blow to their already slim hopes of Premiership survival when they investigate the series of bust-ups at the end of the Reebok clash.
    • Often they come in as a result of a bust-up in a pub or after a domestic dispute.
    • Bouncers plan to stop bust-ups at taxi ranks.
    • TV shows a wide range of programmes about drunk Britain, hooligan Britain, out-of-control Britain, all of which rely largely on CCTV foot age of crimes, bust-ups, fully fledged fights and drunken collapses.