Translation of butch in Spanish:


machote, adj.

Pronunciation /bʊtʃ/


  • 1

    (man) machote informal
    (woman) hombruna
    (woman) machota informal
    • The good news, what there is of it, is that the few remaining teeth that I do have are apparently good teeth, strong teeth, firm, manly, positively butch teeth.
    • Number one: while I personally quite like butch women, it's not a taste that's shared by every woman in the world - or even most of them.
    • In the restlessly nurturing mind's eye of my mother, there resides a vastly better lighted and less deliberately butch apartment that is organized to be shared with a member of the opposite sex.
    • Trying on sunglasses, I'm surprised by how butch my face is.
    • It's not sore - I just sound very butch and can't sing very well.
    • And how is the knowledge that all gay men aren't effeminate and all straight men aren't butch going to help you pick between the men exactly?
    • I was riding along towards home, wondering if the passing car drivers were looking on in awe thinking how butch I looked.
    • This is tough, concise, and, if I may, butch movie-making, and I love it.
    • Venison with braised red cabbage sounds like a hefty, butch dish.
    • Fry also goes through butch biker phases; for a previous interview with me he roared up in red and black leathers.
    • I always wanted to make proper films, butch films with lots of big trucks and big sweaty sparks and do it properly.
    • No, no, the Greeks have stuck a load of butch canoeists to paddle up and down on it.
    • An original touch, however, is the shovel-grip handbrake, which saves space as well as feeling quite butch.
    • The big lights, butch bulges and metallic paint are designed to be brash, flash and funky.
    • We have butch guys, and guys who are really into clubbing - the whole spectrum.
    • It is some sort of former light industrial building that has been transformed with butch know-how.
    • You boys did all the butch stuff, and I filed my CD collection.
    • And should your butch man of the hour sign up for rebirthing classes to overcome trauma he suffered in the womb, you'll volunteer to drive him there.
    • After decades of associating Democrats with failed masculinity, the Republicans are faced with an opponent who knows how to put on a butch display.
    • Like all Republicans, he had himself photographed in an elaborate costume, leaning on a very butch piece of heavy equipment.
  • 2

    (physique/clothing) (of man) de machote informal
    (physique/clothing) (of woman) hombruno