Translation of butchery in Spanish:


matanza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊtʃəri/


  • 1

    matanza feminine
    carnicería feminine
    • If women were in the encampment they would be segregated and would prepare the meal, although slaughter and butchery were men's work.
    • He learned butchery, hygiene, slaughtering, cutting and boning - in fact everything related to butchering - to become a Master Butcher.
    • The slaughter and butchery of 200 cattle and the consumption of 40,000 kilos of beef, even if spread over a year or two, suggest the participation of many communities, perhaps from a whole clan or tribe.
    • At Gough's Cave, the human bones interpreted as cannibalised appear among an assemblage of hunted wild fauna, and display a pattern consistent with butchery for meat, including the removal of tongues.
    • Evidence has emerged, however, for a range of service activities, including metalworking, cooking and animal butchery.
    • Unlike the larger supermarket chains, the discounters would be unlikely to have any testing procedures for the meat sold by their butchery department, decreasing the likelihood of detection.
    • The meat was supplied by her husband's Haverfordwest butchery business, while the fruit and vegetables came from Redbridge at Fishguard.
    • The revamp focused on areas of excellence such as the butchery department, fresh meat and fish department, the fruit and vegetable area as well as the deli food counter.
    • They also found plenty of animal bones, some of which showed signs of butchery.
    • The centre has already begun to offer practical courses for the agricultural industry across a range of subjects, from butchery to dairy production, from food hygiene to food labelling and microbiology.
    • The dominance of head and foot bones from at least six cattle suggests on-site butchery, with the possibility that the meat was distributed for consumption elsewhere.
    • First off, I don't really know all that much about animal breeding, husbandry, land use or butchery, and am bound to make a lot of mistakes.
    • This is where French butchery comes into its own, as their preparation of only the best parts of the rump will produce a good thick steak.
    • I went into the local butchery near work this afternoon, and stood there actually enjoying the smell of raw meat.
    • There were also butchery and sausage-making demonstrations and a chance for the students to make their own Cumberland sausage.
    • I'm looking for a class for my son who works in a restaurant kitchen on charcuterie or meat butchery in New York City.
    • The complement consists of the usual non-meat additives as used in meat butchery (for example breadcrumbs and trimmings) and pork butchery (more particularly the authorised food additives and seasonings).