Translation of butter in Spanish:


mantequilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbədər/ /ˈbʌtə/


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    mantequilla feminine
    manteca feminine River Plate
    apple butter mermelada de manzana
    • to push sb's butters darle / meterle caña a algn
    • butter dish mantequera
    • They are served hot or cold spread with butter or margarine and sometimes jelly jam and cream.
    • We defined high fat dairy food as whole milk, ice cream, hard cheese, butter, and sour cream.
    • Dairy products such as butter, cream, and cheese are important parts of the diet, along with pork.
    • Beat the egg yolk into the batter, followed by the sour cream and melted butter.
    • They can be eaten as is, or sliced in two and spread with a little butter, clotted cream and/or jam.
    • Just one tablespoon of butter, sour cream or gravy can double the calories in a potato.
    • When cream is churned to make butter, the agitation breaks up the water into droplets.
    • Milk products were common in the form of sour cream and butter from cows and yaks.
    • Staff were even instructed to cream the butter before spreading to make sure customers got even less for their money.
    • There are 20 classes for hard and soft cheeses, yoghurt, cream and butter.
    • Surely it is also dedicated to getting people to buy as much milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream as possible?
    • When using butter, it is best to cream the sugar and butter for some time before combining with the flour.
    • The cream, fresh butter and jam came in three separate dishes.
    • The server returned to replace my tuna fork, but not either of the pointy knives which earlier we had been struggling to spread butter with.
    • I took no sugar, no butter and no other cooking fat of any sort because to get these rare commodities I would have had to ask Stewart to give me some.
    • Watch out for butter and cream hidden in many casseroles and other dishes, bakery goods and desserts.
    • I used to help my father from the age of 10, delivering butter and fresh cream on my bicycle.
    • Cream butter and vanilla essence in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy.
    • Serve over mashed potatoes that have been whipped with lots of butter and milk or cream.
    • Cutting out the obvious milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, and cheese is not enough.

transitive verb

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    (bread) untar con mantequilla
    (bread) untar con manteca River Plate
    (bread) ponerle mantequilla a
    (bread) ponerle manteca a River Plate
    buttered toast tostadas con mantequilla
    • pour the mixture into a buttered dish vierta la mezcla en un molde enmantequillado / untado de mantequilla
    • Apryl half-heartedly smiled back as she picked up a slice of toast and buttered it.
    • Janice had made her two slices of toast and buttered them, and set them on the counter by the door, wrapped in a paper towel.
    • She said: ‘I was buttering a piece of bread and I just dropped what I was doing.’
    • When buttering bread use low fat polyunsaturated or monounsaturated margarine.
    • Place a slice of lightly buttered granary toast on each plate and spoon the scrambled egg on top.
    • The toaster dinged and I pulled out the bread, buttering it in my hand.
    • When the toast popped up she buttered it and placed each slice onto a saucer.
    • I buttered a piece of bread and made my way outside to begin weeding, still chewing on my bread.
    • He reached for some bread and buttered it, but when no one else spoke, he glanced up.
    • Who can resist freshly spread hot buns and or a lightly buttered French stick?
    • ‘So,’ I asked, buttering a piece of toast, ‘What's on the schedule for today?’
    • I sigh at his audacity, buttering a piece of toast.
    • I peeked into the kitchen and saw Tracy buttering a piece of toast.
    • She was just sitting there, buttering another piece of toast with a knife and jam.
    • As for Mr Sarma, buttering the right side of the bread is an old trick he has mastered from his student days.
    • Another cut her fruit into bite-size pieces, and a third sliced and buttered her bread.
    • The freshly buttered warm garlic toast made a tasty companion to the vegetable soup, and the pasta dishes were spot on.
    • Haig buttered his toast, then spread one slice with orange marmalade and the other with lime marmalade.
    • Then when the toast was browned, I buttered it, and spooned the mushrooms on top.
    • The fish arrived at our table piping hot with just the right sized portion of freshly-cooked chips, plus buttered bread.