Translation of butterfly net in Spanish:

butterfly net

red para cazar mariposas, n.


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    red para cazar mariposas feminine
    cazamariposas masculine
    • At times, catching bubbles with a butterfly net might seem to provide a more worthwhile preoccupation.
    • We could use those or simply use hand nets, like a butterfly net, to catch our bats.
    • We don't know if we need an elephant gun or a butterfly net to deal with them.
    • I have a butterfly net and I try to catch them, but they keep falling through.
    • Things just move too fast these days, and we are always on the move to capture our future in the butterfly net of ambition.
    • Perhaps the director of media should invest in a butterfly net for next season.
    • Using butterfly nets and light traps, Dr Birkett who is president of Kendal Natural History Society explained he had found and bred the majority of his collection, which includes moths, butterflies, beetles and flies.
    • The butterfly net is made of 1/2" plain aluminum tubing on a 15" diameter hoop.
    • The girls spotted Yeryomkin, butterfly net in hand, at the bottom of a hill 100 meters off.
    • With his receding hair, apologetic moustache and loping frame, he looks like every music-hall second-rater you ever saw: at one point entering with pith - helmet and butterfly net and at another in a print frock and hobnail boots.