Translation of butty in Spanish:


sandwich, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbədi/ /ˈbʌti/

nounplural butties

  • 1

    sandwich masculine
    bocata masculine Spain informal
    • You wouldn't make a chip buttie with these chips but they are so handy to have in the freezer.
    • It's no different to having a chip buttie or a crisp sandwich.
    • But it's here, over a cappuccino and a bacon buttie, that I meet Gianluca Bisol, whose family have been making prosecco for five generations.
    • So I've checked my email, made myself a bacon buttie, got ready for my day and still got into work for 08: 15.
    • Yes I do like my bacon buttie but I can't wait to have some chilaquiles!
    • I eventually got up and was given a cup of tea and a bacon buttie.
    • Well, it was lunch time, and I'd not taken breakfast, and it was over forty years since I last had one, so I gave in to temptation and nipped in for a chip buttie.
    • Tipping the scales at almost two tonnes, and with 400 industrial sized tins of tuna between the giant slices of bread, this monster sandwich is to enter the record books as the biggest buttie ever made.
    • Oh yes, I mean, if you've never eaten a condensed milk sandwich, or even a sugar buttie you just haven't lived.
    • At the door again, he leaned on the door post, munched a tangy bacon buttie, sipped tea, smelled wood smoke and watched the world.
    • So I trotted merrily over to the best of the refreshment stands, treated myself to a hot bacon buttie and a cup of black tea, and sat down to enjoy it.
    • I snuck out on the pretext of using my phone to grab a crafty chip buttie.
    • But you can't really beat a fish-finger butty, with a Singles cheese slice, ketchup, mayonnaise and a bit of margarine.
    • A filling of dillisk may still be used; also popular are blaa butties - blaa with chips or a filling of luncheon sausage.
    • Then again, why not celebrate them in all their starchy glory in a chip butty, a mound of soggy spuds sandwiched between two slices of buttered bread.
    • Scottish lovers of the beefburger and the chip butty are being encouraged to stand up for their rights to eat fattening, unhealthy food.
    • Eighty youngsters from Woodlands School, Harrogate, were given a breakfast of bacon and sausage butties to mark the start of Farmhouse Breakfast Week.
    • Don't butter it if you're making me a sarnie (unless it's a chip butty, then you need to put plenty on).
    • What are these bacon butty and burger fryers rebelling against?
    • We have tea every afternoon and we come down for a bacon butty or something.