Translation of buy in Spanish:


comprar, v.

Pronunciation /baɪ/ /bʌɪ/

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transitive verb bought, bought

  • 1

    to buy sth from sb comprarle algo a algn
    we buy and sell stamps and old coins compramos y vendemos sellos y monedas antiguas
    • to buy sth cheap/secondhand comprar algo barato/de segunda mano
    • $10 won't buy you much con 10 dólares no se puede comprar gran cosa
    • money can't buy happiness el dinero no hace la felicidad
    • I'll buy the next round a la próxima ronda invito yo
    • to buy sb sth comprarle algo a algn
    • she bought the children some books les compró unos libros a los niños
    • she bought some books for the children compró unos libros para los niños
    • let me buy you a drink déjame invitarte a una copa
    • she bought my ticket me pagó la entrada
    • I bought myself a hat me compré un sombrero
    • I bought this mirror for $50 compré este espejo por 50 dólares
    • In order to buy the house some money that my Grandfather had stashed away for myself and my brothers was used as part of the deposit.
    • There was talk of marriage and of pooling their money to buy an even grander house.
    • Several institutional investors are also still buying into the sector and see property as a safer bet to match long-term annuity liabilities.
    • Investors buying into the market are finding attractive returns.
    • Then look at the share of houses that are being bought for investment purposes only.
    • We are of the view that time is now to look for money to buy up the bumper harvest.
    • I know one smart one who saved all her money from 2 years of bar work and bought herself a house in a nice subdivision in Pattaya.
    • It was their intention to buy up the supply and then sell it in coffee shops.
    • The best thing that a young person can do is to stay in school and invest the money that they have: buy a house, own land.
    • Did you log on and buy up the maximum allocation of six tickets per person?
    • Let's buy up tracts of vulnerable mangrove lands and begin securing at least the future.
    • The cooker they bought six months ago no longer has a light in the oven so they can see if their roast is done.
    • I've just started buying property and bought my first about six months ago.
    • The money may not buy much but you will get paid back your original investment.
    • The yen that are bought, are then exchanged for U.S. dollars, or euros, or other currencies.
    • If they can sell a large home and buy into a village, it frees up capital for them to buy a new car, travel, or go overseas.
    • Then he said that he's going to support me through college and buy me a car and whatever - if I did what he wanted.
  • 2

    (person/support/votes) comprar
    his triumph was dearly bought pagó muy caro el triunfo
    • Labour politicians who accept hospitality and sponsorship insist they can't be bought.
    • Some will argue this means that he can't be bought by lobbyists.
    • He says his money shows that he can't be bought.
    • I have made my contempt and disgust for them so plain and apparent that they can't buy me off without the appearance of accepting my insult.
  • 3 informal

    (accept, believe)
    tragarse informal
    if he'll buy that, he'll buy anything si se traga eso, se traga cualquier cosa informal
    • We accept the premise that parents must be convinced to buy into any reform agenda.
    • To tell you the truth, I bought into that as well - and boy were we wrong.
    • He had to make things up on the spot of course and fortunately, the teacher had bought it.
    • How one takes the story as it progresses to its surprise conclusion depends a great deal on whether one buys into the film's particular brand of Christian mysticism.
    • But to buy into his sinister conclusions means buying into his level of contempt for the present authority.
    • Again, we will never actually get to do it but we can buy into the philosophy by buying into the brand!
    • More and more investors are buying into the global reflation story, one enhanced by aggressive rate cuts by major central banks.
    • But because North Americans have been conditioned to equate success with owning a huge, new house with a huge yard, we keep buying into the illusion.
    • Those who purchase goods in a world market are also buying into the ideology of the world capitalist economy.
    • It's just that I'm concerned there may be women out there who are actually buying into this heart-on-my-sleeve lovelorn weeping.
    • In the meantime one or two member states have said they did not consider themselves to be fully buying into that.
    • The latter groups are so worried about elections and ratings that they are mucking up clear thinking, and our society is buying into their flawed theories.
    • ‘When I started doing research for my dissertation I discovered that women weren't really buying into it,’ she said.
    • We've got a self-improvement system which is pretty unique in the bus industry and the staff are buying into it.
    • Competitors aren't buying into such a radical concept.
    • It requires that the viewer exhibit a fair amount of willing suspension of disbelief, but buying into the essential premise is more than half the battle.

intransitive verb bought, bought

  • 1

    to buy from sb comprarle a algn


  • 1

    compra feminine
    a good/bad buy una buena/mala compra
    • one of the best buys of the year una de las gangas del año
    • Investors looking for profitable buys are also among the first potential buyers, as well as people living in other parts of Bradford.
    • Save your trades and bargain buys for starting pitchers and position players.
    • British bargain buys are too few and far between.
    • He has consistently proved to have the happy knack of picking up bargain buys and nurturing them into top class players and he is ready to follow the same formula at Maine Road.
    • One of the first big buys, or big bargains that the store set up today was a 75 percent sale on men's shirts.
    • However, shopping wisely - with an eye on bargain buys - should soften the blow to your bank balance.
    • He's had to rely on bargain buys, on his fantastic eye for young talent and on his players consistently overperforming.
    • We have already seen auctions and so called bargain buys, these are the words of the desperate.
    • Yet the question remains, is the sector an attractive buy to investors?
    • The palate can be varied, but at its best the soft summer fruit, leather and spice make it a bargain buy.
    • Our picks are both in buys and short sales and 95% of the stocks we recommend have options, which allow you to trade with a smaller amount of cash.
    • Educational buys and other pilot programs are of little value.