Translation of buzzer in Spanish:


timbre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbəzər/ /ˈbʌzə/


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    timbre masculine
    chicharra feminine
    • The children learnt a lot of interesting things and were able to put their learning into practice as they busied themselves into putting electrical circuits together and making light bulbs glow and buzzers buzz!
    • I couldn't swear to it, what with scissors snipping and buzzers buzzing, but I think the young lad was asking his dad why you still needed a haircut when you were going bald.
    • Many business people just could not afford armed security personnel, so many settled for cheap electronic buzzers.
    • Trains have those horrible hand-operated electronic buzzers.
    • As fluent with their bodies as with language, they sing, sort papers, go berserk, and snap to attention when buzzers go off, signaling the need to receive of send messages.
    • Observational studies have found no evidence that insect electrocuters and ultrasonic buzzers reduce bites to humans from infected anopheline mosquitoes.
    • Billy noticed a red light above the office door with an electric buzzer to announce a vacancy.
    • It's also used for electrical components for schools, to demonstrate circuits with tiny solar panels and windmills as well as the traditional buzzers, lights and switches.
    • It was routine on the ward that mothers were given buzzers and they used them to call us for assistance.
    • We successfully used biofeedback devices (basically moisture sensors linked to buzzers to wake the children up when necessary) together with a rewards programme.
    • Doorbells are available in a variety of sounds, from chimes or buzzers to recorded sound tracks.
    • An emergency-stop pushbutton can be used in conjunction with a buzzer to help improve safety in the workplace.
    • It's time to go up to your front door, Mother, and ring the rattling buzzer of a bell, the door with two curved fangs.
    • Traffic wardens will be able to contact drivers causing an obstruction through a special buzzer on their van windscreens.
    • So well in fact the buzzer was pushed and the cameras were switched off.
    • Alarm devices, all activated by micturition, included bells, buzzers, lights, and vibrators.
    • A minute or two later, the door buzzer was ringing at my door, I went and buzzed back.
    • We have security buzzers for entry to our flats and night after night, day after day, they ring the buzzer.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, press your buzzers… now.
    • As soon as the bar code scanner detects an overdue volume, it should set off buzzers and flashing lights, summoning the head librarian to deliver a public ticking off to the errant bookworm.
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    portero automático masculine
    portero eléctrico masculine