There are 2 main translations of bye-bye in Spanish

: bye-bye1bye-bye2


¡adiós!, interj.

Pronunciation /baɪˈbaɪ/ /bʌɪˈbʌɪ/


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    ¡chaucito! Latin America informal
    ¡chaíto! Chile informal
    • These motions need to be slow, however - you don't want it to look like you're waving bye-bye; you want it to look like your fingers are gently weaving in an almost hypnotic pattern.
    • So, these are certainly things that people want to check out, if they would like to pop over for dinner, just stay the evening, and say, nice seeing you, bye-bye.
    • So fine, he gives me the cd, I give him my business card so he can contact me and get it back, he gives me his phone number, I have to go to my appointment, bye-bye.
    • So actually, fights don't last long, because once you go down like that, you know, and you make a mistake, it's going to be bye-bye.
    • The finger has been pointed and as it puts out a cigarette and hangs a hat it waves bye-bye (that's a lot of work for a finger).
    • Yes, this is obviously not a common thing to say - but its short form, bye-bye, certainly is.
    • As I kissed you bye-bye, I told you I would see you tomorrow and let the nurse take you away.
    • ‘Okay bye-bye, my love,’ she said as her farewell.
    • Now if you excuse me, it's our turn to ride the Ferris wheel, so bye-bye.
    • But since you can no longer be of any help, its time to say bye-bye.
    • Yet when it comes to evaluating a woman's qualification to advise, the market gives top dollar to those who weep, those who wail, those who fail, those who spite and those who fall apart when a man says bye-bye.
    • She laughed and said, ‘No, that morning in the shower I looked down, waved and said bye-bye.’
    • Whenever I remember that trains can arrive at the beach to pick us up, jackets can sing, and swings can wave bye-bye, our day goes better.
    • The cops did a few drive-bys, the bums did some walk-bys, and we said bye-bye.
    • Shouldn't we dispense with a weak link, and if the weak link is the human failure of an umpire, then bye-bye.
    • That's saying bye-bye to all the accumulated wisdom of the human race.
    • When I turned 18, I said bye-bye to the last grade of high school and my little town, and came to Montreal to work.
    • Without co-listers, many high-profile borough mayor candidates could find themselves swiftly saying bye-bye to their political careers.
    • It would seem carbs are his enemy so bye-bye dry food.
    • Everything was fine as loved ones waved bye-bye to me at the bottom (after getting me to sign away the house, car, life insurance etc).

There are 2 main translations of bye-bye in Spanish

: bye-bye1bye-bye2



informal, child language
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    to go bye-bye ir de paseo
    • He thinks that it's like when you say it's time to go bye-byes.
    • I shut my computer off at the wall every night before bye byes otherwise the router is blazing out all night.
    • ‘Two seconds baby. Then you can have a nice warm drink before bye-byes.’