Translation of byroad in Spanish:


carretera secundaria, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪˌroʊd/ /ˈbʌɪrəʊd/


  • 1

    carretera secundaria feminine
    carretera vecinal feminine
    • Advocating that candidates basically get out and wear down shoe leather on the high roads and byroads over the next three-and-a-half months, he claimed the organisation is a part of every community in the country.
    • Cyclists of all ages will take to the high roads and byroads around Carlow this Sunday, all in the name of charity as they give their all for the 25th annual Lions Club Cycle Rally.
    • As more and more Indian and Pakistani businesses opened along Oak Tree Road and its byroads, parking became a contentious issue.
    • But in Sixmilebridge, a small Clare town, people are patrolling the streets and byroads every single night of the year.
    • Ducking into the lanes and byroads whenever the urchins got hold of him was no permanent solution.
    • But this traffic jam was unlike what thousands of motorists experience everyday, as these cars were now only replicas of what they once were, when they travelled the byroads and highroads of the North West.
    • This appears to be an obvious reference to the need for road users to go round the potholes - the byroad in question is adjacent to a network of roundabouts on the Laois / Carlow border.
    • However it is on the byroads of lateral thinking that the best revelations are made, where practical knowledge meets the vivid imagination.
    • He travelled each morning with bread supplies for Port-laoise but in the afternoons he travelled on the country byroads bringing Brad-bury's breads and confectioneries to rural shops.
    • Before reaching his height, he had to take numerous byroads and make many aberrant deviations, conceal himself in multiple hiding places and under multiple masks: for example, that of a philologist.
    • ‘We could hear the waves coming and the buildings collapsing behind us - the sound was terrible - so we headed to the byroads and kept running,’ she says.
    • Accidents can happen on byroads where only three cars travel a day; this makes it very difficult for us to draw up a trend.
    • All were togged out in rain gear and the party made its way across country along the shady hawthorn byroads to Achonry Cathedral where a special party welcomed them with refreshments.
    • After traipsing around the byroads in Knockleigha, peering over a few fences and clambering into a few ditches, the safari was beginning to look like a non-event.
    • He knew all the byroads in the plantation areas.
    • Getting from A to B round the byroads of Borris has this week become a simple matter of a phone call.