Translation of bystander in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbaɪˌstændər/ /ˈbʌɪstandə/


  • 1

    a bystander helped him to his feet un transeúnte / alguien que estaba allí lo ayudó a levantarse
    • they opened fire, killing innocent bystanders abrieron fuego y mataron a varias personas inocentes / a varios transeúntes
    • bystanders looked on in amazement quienes estaban allí miraban asombrados
    • Yet you are given the impression that the author was an innocent bystander to events which were supposed to have been under his control.
    • Several bystanders witnessed the incident and said that the appellant appeared calm afterwards.
    • Military officials have said the order to strike again would not have been given had many bystanders been present.
    • If bystanders are present, get them to phone for an ambulance at once.
    • The place was surrounded by the police and the crowd of bystanders discussed the events.
    • It is also the bystanders who watch the incidents of bullying and do nothing to stop them.
    • When these agents came on the scene, they gassed the innocent bystanders outside.
    • It is blatantly unethical to wreak vengeance upon innocent bystanders.
    • In fact, Michael even helps out an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.
    • Perhaps this is not an unusual event, but this incident has extra urgency - a bystander says he is carrying a gun.
    • Even organic products may kill these innocent bystanders if not used carefully.
    • The innocent bystanders ran out the door of the tavern, including the bar tender.
    • There's even a scene where a giant watermelon is menacingly thrust at an innocent bystander.
    • Don't think for a minute that management is an innocent bystander in all of this.
    • He found the account of the trial that proved her an innocent bystander, since she was a minor.
    • What about an innocent bystander who knows something but isn't actually carrying out an attack?
    • The road had not been closed and bystanders gathered to watch the events unfold.
    • Most striking about the photos is the presence of participants and bystanders.
    • The plaintiffs draw two distinctions between their position and that of spectators or bystanders.
    • As she stood on the platform, two helpful bystanders pointed out that she had misspelled liar.