There are 2 main translations of cab in Spanish

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taxi, n.

Pronunciation /kæb/ /kab/


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    • 1.1(taxi)

      taxi masculine
      to go by cab ir en taxi
      • to call a cab llamar a un taxi
      • cab driver taxista
      • The taxi cab driver, who hails from Guana, waited in the car during my meeting and then drove me back to the hotel.
      • A taxi cab driver goes to the airport, which is in the next city 5-10 miles from his house, and he doesn't know where his costumer will tell him to go.
      • A taxi cab driver and a pedestrian were also victims of drunken-driving by the prince who is known for his forays to discos and nightclubs.
      • While we're caught up with the mafia, so is the protagonist, who starts off as a down on his luck taxi cab driver.
      • Dani paid the taxi cab driver while Bryan started to take their luggage out of the trunk.
      • in the way back it was very discouraging to hear and join the conversation in the taxi cab with the other two men and the driver that was all about expectations for the disastrous circumstances ahead!
      • But while the couple survived with barely a scratch, the taxi cab just one car ahead of them didn't appear so lucky.
      • Finally the security hailed a taxi cab and pushed us in and it drove away.
      • Our taxi cab was stopped by the religious police because a woman was seated in the rear seat between two men, neither her husband.
      • Leaving the graveyard, I hailed a taxi cab to take me to the train station where I got on the train without having to pay a cent.
      • If your travel plans do not include hotel transfers and you are traveling with a partner or a group, send someone outside to stand in line for a taxi cab while the others wait to pick up the luggage.
      • He was later picked up in a silver-coloured taxi cab which took him to Lime Street.
      • But who's to say he wouldn't have made it up there had a taxi cab not slammed into a lamppost in peasoup fog?
      • We kept him there for twenty more minutes, and when he had to leave we literally followed him to the door of his taxi cab.
      • I can drown out local radio in the back of a taxi cab, and waiting around at airports is a positive pleasure.
      • My last memory of my real life is that I was sitting in the back of a dingy taxi cab in Prague.
      • As the yellow taxi cab pulled away from the curb, and wound its way into the onslaught of New York traffic, Erica leaned back in the seat and pulled out her book.
      • I didn't want to get a taxi cab, being short on money.
      • A yellow taxi cab pulled up and he quickly rushed outside, throwing a final glance over his shoulder before hopping into the car.
      • Jeff from the plane was getting out of the taxi cab behind her.

    • 1.2(horse-drawn)

      coche de caballos masculine
      • I longed for my parents to hire a horse-drawn cab instead of a taxi but that did not happen.
      • And there's all these Victorian horse-drawn cabs outside and all the cabbies are trying to avoid eye-contact.
      • The relaxation of licensing control on horse-drawn cabs in 1831 led to a great and necessary increase, J. A. Hansom inventing his famous cab in 1834.
      • As late as the 1940s, there was only one bus, a few motor taxis and some horse-drawn cabs on the island.
      • A few horse-drawn cabs loomed black in the street, half-broken and loose-jointed like crippled, dozing crabs or cockroaches.

  • 2

    (driver's compartment)
    cabina (del conductor) feminine
    • Detectives are hunting a gang who dragged a sleeping lorry driver from his cab in Bury and took him on a ‘ride of terror’.
    • The student jumped onto the draw-bar separating the cab of the lorry from the trailer and travelled on the vehicle as far as the Mall where he either slipped or tried to jump off.
    • Then a blue van struck the front of the lorry as it was in the ditch, pushing two ladders, which were on board, into the driver's side of the lorry cab.
    • She was still lying in the back of the lorry cab listening to the rain falling on the roof, the engine rumbling on below and the windscreen wipers scraping against the glass at the front.
    • A large black lorry with a red cab was seen making its getaway with its tipper still up, leaving a trail of debris down the street.
    • In all his years he has only been off twice after suffering a double strangulated hernia when he slipped out of a lorry cab and then again for a ‘repair job.’
    • The spokesman said the cab became stuck and as the driver tried to free it, it fell from the crane, hit the ground beside him and fell against him, trapping him between the cab and his lorry.
    • The officer turned as the driver went about his business, looking for something in the glove compartments of the truck cab.
    • Underground access was still available from the driver's cab of any passing train.
    • It also had a cab for driving the train backwards.
    • He quickly glanced around and saw the engineer leaning out of the cab as the train slowed from its already slow speed.
    • The lorry driver escaped from his cab and was treated at Chesterfield Royal Infirmary for minor injuries, and later released.
    • Keep in mind that in those days, to be in the cab of a working mainline steam engine had to be on a par with a ride in a jet fighter today.
    • Gone are the days when little children dreamed of a career in the cab of a train, plane or automobile.
    • A railway employee alerted a nearby signalbox to stop all trains when he saw that the barrier had landed between the lorry's cab and trailer unit.
    • They include more guards on trains, a ‘no radio, no train’ rule for trains with faulty communication systems and stronger drivers' cabs.
    • While no-one was injured, the lorry's cab and the car burst into flames and three fire engines were called to the scene.
    • Traditionally, an engineer in the cab of a locomotive receives hand signals and radio commands from employees on the ground.
    • Before remote controls were used, veteran engineers controlled the locomotives from inside the cab.
    • He travelled in a driver's cab from London to Swindon and spent two days with Great North Eastern in Newcastle and York.
    • In the cab, the driver gets full seat and wheel adjustments, plus remote central locking, electric windows, CD player and so on.

There are 2 main translations of CAB in Spanish

: cab1CAB2



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