Translation of cabbie in Spanish:


taxista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæbi/ /ˈkabi/


  • 1

    taxista masculine, feminine
    ruletero masculine Mexico informal
    ruletera feminine Mexico informal
    tachero masculine River Plate informal
    tachera feminine River Plate informal
    • I was so moved that I actually asked my cabby if we could turn around and go back (he declined).
    • So I get the cabby to drop me off by his house only i t took a bit of difficulty remembering where it was as I'd only been there a couple of times before.
    • But what about my cabby's fear of losing his English identity?
    • The cab driver was parked up outside Broadcasting House and was sitting in the back of the cab with his brother who was also a cabby.
    • The ride would have cost about a month's salary, if the cabby had remembered to charge me.
    • And then he held on to the cab with one hand while he felt in his pocket for a coin to pay the cabby.
    • ‘This isn't the way to Piccadilly driver’ said April, looking at the cabby's eyes in the rearview mirror.
    • Catherine and the cabby stepped out of the Taxi.
    • Tension rose as the other bus drivers became involved in the scuffle, which was momentarily resolved when traffic police detained the cabby and dismissed the bus drivers.
    • There were no unoccupied taxis in the street and the crowds outside the airport bus terminal would have filled several buses, but I found a cabby there who was willing to take us to the airport for twice the usual fare.
    • At 3am, the cabby can double up as a perky deejay.
    • Bob, I was just reading a couple of articles that came out just within the past few minutes, and tell me if you've learned more about this with regard to the cabby.
    • We got a ride with a cabby to the library downtown.
    • There is an arrival fee of $1.20 on cab rides into the city, but if you make that $20 the cabby will probably sit in your lap as he drives.
    • A random passerby screamed, and the cabby erupted in laughter.
    • The cabby herself is threatened with violent repression and we can see the risks posed by the filmmaking process itself.
    • What exactly happened in those final hours on the run and why did the cabby help the fugitive check into a hotel under his own name?
    • Whether empathizing with the cabby or with the kid in the tree, every man will find reflections of himself in this collection.
    • It's the plastic surgeon and the cabby who brought our hero to his office.
    • One hand clutched a faded newspaper while the other slipped the cabby a ten and slammed the door.