Translation of cabin fever in Spanish:

cabin fever

agobio, n.

See Spanish definition of agobio


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    (por estar largo tiempo en un sitio cerrado) agobio masculine
    • Like many people, you may experience cabin fever during the winter months.
    • ‘People in those areas get cabin fever in the winter and want to get out during the warm months,’ he says.
    • But at both locations, even longtime residents say the long, dark, cold days of winter can bring about cabin fever.
    • Some of this might just be cabin fever, a frustration stemming from being cooped up for long periods.
    • On the 8th day, suffering from cabin fever, I decided to chance waiting until almost dark to visit a favorite restaurant on Jomtien Hill.
    • Jezebel, I suspected, was suffering from cabin fever too!
    • Pat is not yet suffering from cabin fever and has no definite plans for the cargo ship that was built in Norway in 1962.
    • It's a welcome distraction on long winter evenings to keep you from going nuts with cabin fever.
    • Cure a bad case of cabin fever by inviting friends over for an evening of cards or old-fashioned board games.
    • But if you take this lull in the schedule to do some planning for next spring, you can satisfy everyone's cabin fever with extra early bouquets and baskets.
    • I like living in the mountains, but I get cabin fever.
    • She had to admit, though, she was getting cabin fever.
    • In my advanced state of cabin fever, I bought the snowshoes.
    • Everything was frozen, and by April, everyone had cabin fever.
    • We've come through the thing without a single cross or irritated word and with not a sign of cabin fever.
    • Sometimes I get cabin fever, but generally I don't mind being on my own.
    • It was like watching a sufferer of cabin fever finally see release.
    • It doesn't help that after a month of being back here in Houston with no classes I've been getting cabin fever.
    • I had a serious case of cabin fever this weekend because the rain kept us inside.
    • But if cabin fever does set in, it's nice to know you can take an excursion or soak up some culture.