There are 2 main translations of cabinet in Spanish

: cabinet1Cabinet2


armario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæb(ə)nət/ /ˈkabɪnɪt/


  • 1

    armario masculine
    (with glass doors) vitrina feminine
    bathroom cabinet botiquín del cuarto de baño
    • TV cabinet mueble de la televisión
    • hi-fi cabinet mueble del equipo de alta fidelidad
    • The walls were lined with racks and shelves and cupboards and cabinets holding an assortment of equipment in organized rows.
    • The huge old kitchen was rife with cabinets and cubbies, drawers and cupboards, shelves and pie-safes, and each one had been crammed full.
    • They went through cabinets, shelves and drawers, pulling out professional looking documents and files.
    • These were in all shapes and sizes, colours and textures, and she had them stored in a custom-made cabinet, drawer upon drawer of them.
    • There were file cabinets scattered in all sides of the room, and also drawers, cabinets, and tall shelves.
    • They kept their treasures in albums or collector boxes and stored them in cabinets and drawers.
    • All the pots and pans, dishes and cups, and utensils were stored inside the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.
    • Glass cabinets display artefacts, documents, uniforms and photographs - most of the signage was in Japanese, though an English guidebook is available.
    • These then are displayed in white glass cabinets.
    • The blast smashed the windows of the store and of the apartment above it, and damaged glass cabinets in the store and the metal door to the storage room.
    • Shelves and cabinets and glass houses held a countless array of arms and equipment.
    • The weapons were stored in various cabinets behind glass and the rest was open space.
    • Tasty and attractively-presented food is displayed in glass fronted cabinets.
    • One cabinet with glass doors displayed relics from other lands and other times, fascinating trinkets.
    • It is now on display in a glass cabinet in the Basilica itself.
    • A housekeeper polishes a glass cabinet displaying delicate mementos from Norway and New Zealand.
    • Here are photographs of a family elder on display in a glass cabinet.
    • Have a think about the things in your cupboards and bathroom cabinets, and tell me this: Do you always buy the same kind of toothpaste?
    • At the bottom of the stairs there was a cabinet with a cupboard underneath and a mirror on top of it.
    • She was on her own in a large room filled with desks and glass cabinets on the wall full of unpleasant looking things in jars and bottles.
  • 2also Cabinet

    (in government)
    gabinete (ministerial) masculine

There are 2 main translations of Cabinet in Spanish

: cabinet1Cabinet2


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    • El gabinete (ministerial) del gobierno británico es un cuerpo formado por unos 20 ministros (ministers) nombrados por el Primer Ministro (Prime Minister) y que se reúne regularmente para discutir asuntos administrativos y de política gubernamental. Cada uno de los ministros es responsable de un área específica, mientras que a la totalidad del gabinete le atañe decidir acerca de la política a seguir por el gobierno. El líder del principal partido de la oposición también nombra un gabinete, llamado gabinete en la sombra (Shadow Cabinet), con el objeto de que pueda gobernar en caso de que el gobierno sea derrotado.