Translation of cable car in Spanish:

cable car

teleférico, n.


  • 1

    teleférico masculine
    • He was the first on site, so later, when the tourists arrived in their bus, they were lucky enough to take the first cable car up the mountain.
    • It was hot and after wandering around we took the cable car up the mountain for marvellous views and I climbed to the top for even better views.
    • After descending Table Mountain in the revolving cable car, we then drove to nearby Signal Hill.
    • She spoke of her experience of travelling to Table Mountain by cable car.
    • Dick took his bicycle and rode the cable car up the mountain.
    • From just behind the finish line here, a cable car transports tourists effortlessly and smoothly 3,000 feet up to the neighbouring summit of Pic du Midi.
    • Occasionally you may be the one in motion - trying to shoot pictures from a moving cable car, for example.
    • He invited experts from Germany to help with the electric fencing - then almost unknown in Korea - and erected a mini cable-car to transport hay from the higher slopes to the sheds below.
    • Before night fell, we rode the cable-car up the mountain to Huiji Temple.
    • Another day should be set aside to take a cable-car up the highest mountain on Spanish territory.
    • We've booked a couple of trips so far - one to go up a mountain by cable car (I get vertigo) tomorrow and the other to go out to sea (I hate boat trips) on Friday.
    • The key, incongruously, is a postcard of a mountain cable-car that he sent home from Zillertal in the Swiss Tyrol where he was taking part in a weight-lifting event at the age of 19.
    • Travelling in a cable car, up mount Gondola, is a thrilling experience.
    • The highest summer ski area in the Alps, in the folds of these mountains, can be reached via the highest cable car in Europe, from Zermatt.
    • On this one particular day, we went up the cable car to the top of the mountain.
    • Wednesday we took two tram lines north and west to the mountain that overlooks the city, and then the cable-car to the summit.
    • The village is 20 minutes from Chamonix and the cable-car to the top of the Aiguille du Midi mountain.
    • To get a bird's-eye view, I hopped aboard the teleférico, the hanging cable car that runs between the city's two mountains.
    • Ski and snowboard hire shops, along with locker rooms and a cable car to whisk you onto the mountain are actually located in the station - a world first.
    • It was not crowded at that time, and the cable car that made its way up the side of the mountain held only two passengers that day.
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    funicular masculine
  • 3US

    tranvía masculine
    • Failing to find any gin joints or speakeasies but finally getting on the right track, I hopped on the cable car at Market & Powell and rode to the end of the line: Fisherman's Wharf.
    • Go and have your obligatory seafood chowder (in a sourdough bread bowl, of course), but jump on a cable car for a more scenic view of San Francisco's neighborhoods.
    • They got onto the cable car that went to Taylor & Bay and then walked from there to Fisherman's Warf.
    • They should also take a trip in a cable car; check out Chinatown and have a drink in the Top of the bar on Nob Hill.
    • We were walking up California Street and there was a cable car every minute or so.
    • When he returned home from a tour at Clark Air Base, Philippines, he was on a San Francisco cable car and people spit on him three times because he was in uniform.
    • For decades visitors have chugged up Nob Hill on the California Street cable car to this 91-year-old hotel.
    • I took the Hyde Street cable car back to the crest of Russian Hill.