Translation of cablegram in Spanish:


cablegrama, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkeɪbəlˌɡræm/ /ˈkeɪb(ə)lɡram/

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    cablegrama masculine formal
    • Although the Office of Censorship did intercept and read letters and cablegrams and tap phone calls, most Americans accepted the abridgment of their First Amendment rights during the global crisis.
    • A doctor did the describing in the interests of VD control, and cablegrams were provided that the men might reassure the folks back home that the 30th had landed having the situation well in hand.
    • Second, it broke these expenses down into a large series of cost accounts, tracking everything from the cost of fuel to the charges for cablegrams into separate cost categories.
    • In the intervals between these desperate and expensive cablegrams to Benghazi - they were long and frequent - my employer would reminisce.
    • My grandmother and father were just sitting down to dinner after coming home from church when the cablegram arrived.