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cactus, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkæktəs/ /ˈkaktəs/

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nombreplural cacti, plural cactuses

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    cactus masculino
    • We are rich with saguaros, prickly pear, and cholla cacti, and paloverde, and mesquite trees.
    • Prickly pear cacti and large agave succulents, introduced from Mexico, grow everywhere in the north of the island.
    • Scaling and barking injuries occur on stem surfaces of saguaro cacti.
    • It looked somehow like the surface of a cactus, the peyote cactus.
    • Good weather is also an essential pre-requisite for the growth of cacti and succulent plants.
    • The man-made structures are concealed by imaginative landscaping that includes coconut palms, hibiscus, cactuses, hammocks, bougainvillea, gardens and lawns opening to beach and sea.
    • They resembled a cross between a cactus and an aloe vera plant; thick and fleshy, with hairs extruding from their tendrils.
    • It has been isolated from soils in desert areas, grassland or cultivated soils, cacti, onion, and garlic bulbs.
    • Remember, for starters, that all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.
    • It has several gnarled trees, cactuses, oleanders, a crazy arrangement of pot plants, various graveside paraphernalia such as urns and framed photographs, and a rickety set of narrow pathways.
    • It searches among the yucca cactuses and Joshua trees for a lonely radar station atop a mountain peak.
    • Second, the cactus and acacia trees may have dissimilar distributions of branch length.
    • Tall palm trees and thick forests of cactuses give travellers the impression that they are staying in a tropical region.
    • Aloe vera resembles a cactus, but is actually a perennial succulent which belongs to the lily family.
    • However, thorns on cactuses are a different thing.
    • Orchid, African violet and cactus are just a few of the special mixes available.
    • The northeast is much more barren - there are more cactuses than palm trees in this semidesert.
    • The boyfriend bought a big cactus yesterday to add in with the banana plants etc.
    • Like the cactuses it resembles, an aloe plant requires little care and grows quickly.
    • He finally got his cactus home, planted it in his backyard, and over time it grew to about two metres.