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cadete, n.

Pronunciación /kəˈdɛt/

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    cadete masculino, femenino
    cadet corps cuerpo de cadetes
    • They are police cadets, young kids who are going to become policemen.
    • The scheme aims to provide young midshipmen and officer cadets starting at ADFA with a home away from home.
    • Old soldiers from an array of regiments rubbed shoulders with young cadets as Bobby's coffin was carried through a guard of honour.
    • Navy had a few good runners but we had some good young officer cadets from ADFA that really cut them down.
    • Another award winner in the Ukraine was walking his dog when a police cadet pointed out that dogs in that area must be walked with a muzzle and a leash.
    • It would be reasonable to expect that the career track to senior executive service would be similar to that of the general officer for military cadets.
    • One is a police cadet sent on an undercover mission so deep that only two people in the Hong Kong police force know that he isn't a disgraced cop who has joined the Triads.
    • As young West Point cadets, our motto was, ‘Duty, honor, country.’
    • When I started in York 34 years ago as a young police cadet, it was a different world.
    • In autumn sunshine, Royal British Legion stalwarts and young uniformed cadets stood shoulder to shoulder.
    • The young cadets will get to learn more about the different police departments from Crime Scene Investigation and Community Safety to the Support Unit and Armed Response Teams.
    • We follow a young naval cadet (they weren't called Midshipmen yet) who joined the Navy football team following its first loss to West Point.
    • Approximately 200 West Point cadets will march down the Champs Elysees in Paris on July 14 as part of France's Bastille Day parade.
    • Having attacked naval cadets, students, young children and now innocent senior citizens, the music business appears not to fear the consequences of its litigation.
    • By comparison, military cadets are 1.7 times more socially active.
    • Broome schools, naval cadets, police rangers and other community groups paid tribute at the service by laying a wreath.
    • The exercise followed a large display at the Rokeby Police Academy for Tasmanian emergency service workers and police cadets.
    • The committee hopes representatives from the army cadets, sea cadets and air cadets will join the parade.
    • He was one of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst cadets on their regular overseas exercise.
    • It very clearly displays the genius of a veteran professor obviously skilled in making the inscrutable scrutable to generations of Air Force Academy cadets.