Translation of cafetière in Spanish:


cafetera de émbolo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkæfəˈtjɛr/ /ˌkaf(ə)ˈtjɛː/


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    cafetera de émbolo feminine
    cafetera de pistón feminine
    • But we finished a generous cafetière of coffee and headed off refreshed and invigorated into a maze of C roads, u-turns and scratched heads, safe in the knowledge that Harome boasts another shining star.
    • There is also a huge percentage of coffee drinkers who don't know how to make coffee in a cafetière, either don't get the dose right and it comes out too strong or weak, or they don't make it often enough to learn.
    • This range is too fine for a cafetière and an off-putting sediment was revealed in the tasting glass.
    • Chrome 2-cup and 8-cup branded cafetières enable caterers to elegantly serve customers our coffee.
    • Inject colour into your kitchen whilst making great tasting coffee with the Cool Blue and Berry Red cafetières.