Translation of cage in Spanish:


jaula, n.

Pronunciation /keɪdʒ/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(for birds, animals)

      jaula feminine
      • What about keeping animals and birds in cages - that has to be cruel.
      • The primary source of water used for cleaning the animal cages and enclosures, the lake is also the place where the zoo eventually plans to release a large number of water birds.
      • Carry-bags and bottles, which are discarded on the premises after use, find their way to the vicinity of animal cages and enclosures.
      • And any animal that lives in a cage, from birds to gerbils, will produce droppings that can attract mold and dust.
      • Do the same around the cages of small animals or birds.
      • One of them had been partitioned with a sheet of corrugated plastic separating two caged birds into even smaller cages.
      • Quite impressed with their reverence, she walked over to the cage and placed her birds in the cage with them.
      • Living space does not include a structure, such as a doghouse, in which an animal is not confined, or a cage, crate, or other structure in which the animal is temporarily confined.
      • The movements were smooth and natural, not at all like the juddering actions of a machine and Alan watched in awe as the tortoise craned left and right to take in his surroundings, including the cages of animals.
      • Small sprinklers have been installed at select areas in the zoo and water is being sprinkled periodically throughout the day on cages to keep the animals cool.
      • Animals remain locked in cages from closing time at 5 p.m. until 8 the next morning.
      • In it the Committee observed that the housing and upkeep of lab animals was not satisfactory, nor were the animal cages and rooms in which they were kept.
      • It literally dumped cages of birds onto a pair of conveyor belts, which were activated when you activated the hanging belt.
      • Even if you don't own a bird, these splendid cages make for unusual and decorative souvenirs with a distinctively Chinese look.
      • Birds chirped in cages hanging by the front doors of houses.
      • It comes as no surprise that the lives of animals held in cages is miserable, best efforts to prove otherwise notwithstanding.
      • They said many animals were in inadequate cages, including kittens in an empty food container with nothing to play with, and said the place stank.
      • But I felt sad for the animals because their cages are so small.
      • Due to the severe heat, most animals remain within their cages and predictably, the visitors are disappointed.
      • In the old cages, animals injured themselves while on the move, wildlife authorities acknowledge.

    • 1.2(protective framework)

      armazón rígido masculine
      armazón rígida feminine
      • When I arrived at the southern rim, the rescuers were all standing silent watching one of these cages being lifted out of the ruins.
      • The wind flowed from the respective blower is bypassed the illuminators, thereby entering into the inside of the elevator cage.
      • At around 17:20, the victim undertook the last work for the day by loading a carrying cart into the cage of the elevator, pushing the button for the second floor and the elevator ascended to the second floor.
      • The elevator uses no cables and is propelled by a system comprising of stators along the shaft and translators on the elevator cage.

    • 1.3(of elevator)

      jaula feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1(in basketball)

      canasta feminine
      cesta feminine

    • 2.2(in ice hockey)

      portería feminine
      meta feminine
      arco masculine Colombia, Southern Cone

transitive verb

  • 1

    I feel caged in me siento como enjaulado
    • Our first thoughts were that it was an escaped caged bird.
    • The dogs, cats and birds were mostly caged, often in pairs and sometimes in threes.
    • One of them had been partitioned with a sheet of corrugated plastic separating two caged birds into even smaller cages.
    • Fresh fruit cascades down stone-flagged stairs, caged birds sing in colourful indoor gardens but the price of drinks will keep you sober!
    • Instead of being caged, animals and birds have to be allowed the pleasure and security of their natural surroundings, he said.
    • The evacuation began with moving out the yaks, continued with tranquilizing the eight large cats and finished with caging the birds.
    • Older birds must be caged at all times to avoid them attacking each other, or pigs, dogs and humans.
    • If he passed markets where caged birds were sold, he would buy them purely to let the birds fly free.
    • Make sure that the bird is caged and the cage is covered by a thin cloth or sheet to provide security and filtered light.
    • She has the air of a bird which doesn't want to be caged or tamed.
    • There are no performing dogs, caged lions or clowns.
    • A dog snarled at us viciously but he was caged and couldn't get at us.
    • These hens may not be caged over a manure pit, but they are walking around in it.
    • Two other caged lions and a horse were also in the entrance to the disco, she said.
    • If a dog kills something it is destroyed immediately; it is not caged for the rest of its life.
    • In future, should I leave the house I will cage the dogs no matter who else is in the house with them.
    • Residents were worried it would spoil their view and cage them in.
    • The caged bird only sings at night because it was caught and caged when singing during the day.
    • As soon as they get on the bus they act like caged animals trying to get out.
    • The trick is to cage these animal natures in effective institutions: education, the law, government.