Translation of cagey in Spanish:


reservado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkeɪdʒi/

See Spanish definition of reservado

adjective cagier, cagiest

  • 1

    (reply) reservado
    (reply) cauteloso
    to be cagey about sth/-ing
    • The bird sellers are extremely cagey about sharing information, especially with press persons.
    • He is intent on making people look good but not necessarily beautiful in his work and achieves this by capturing secretive, edgy or cagey subjects.
    • The staff was cagy, but confirmed my suspicion with slight, knowing expressions and small tight smiles of sympathy.
    • Suddenly, caution was the watchword and she grew cagey and defensive, waiting for the chances to land in her lap.
    • I've been dating Sam for months now, but just recently he's become very secretive and cagey around me.
    • It's just a case of playing cagey, going careful, and not overstretching yourself.
    • At lunchtime, he snuck off, being very cagy about where he was to have lunch.
    • Since we didn't know the sex, we were a bit cagy and said that we'd have to see.
    • If the 25-year-old was less unassuming and more cagey, he would know that is not the sort of thing a team's talismanic striker is meant to say.
    • Tassie is cagey about the worth of his license, but the 30 or so permits in his zone are worth more than $4 million each.
    • The more cagey British ministers become about the evidence, the more likely are their opponents, and the media, to continue obsessing on the issue.
    • Though still cagey about the new novel's subject matter, he does say it will deal with terrorism and with a hostage crisis.
    • When I asked to meet him in person, his publicity people turned cagey, stoking my curiosity even more.
    • He's acting mighty cagey for a guy who just reads the papers, don't you think?
    • While some were cagey, to say the least, others had no such problems.
    • Gilbert was being very cagey about his future prospects yesterday.
    • So they are cagey about letting the common herd assess their work.
    • She is cagey about the terminology, though, and doesn't use it in the book.
    • He is cagey, though, on the extent to which he will have room to manoeuvre in the business of player recruitment.
    • I had the distinct impression that he would not appreciate the wrong answer so I decided to play it cagey.