Translation of calamitous in Spanish:


calamitoso, adj.

Pronunciation /kəˈlæmədəs/ /kəˈlamɪtəs/


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    • If there is to be a winner, it could be the result of a calamitous error or disastrous lack of discipline.
    • After a calamitous decline in the value two years ago, it's now more stable.
    • The area has entered an anxious era of landslides since the calamitous landslides of 1978.
    • The bloodshed there, and in Romeo and Juliet could be called calamitous, but it was not tragically pitiable.
    • Closing your eyes to all the other possibilities always is dangerous - and potentially calamitous.
    • Before Christmas, workman burst a water main in the street with a mechanical digger causing calamitous flooding.
    • But even his allies admit he committed a series of calamitous mistakes which meant the Home Secretary had to go.
    • In sundry sports, and not least in rugby, there are calamitous defeats in which even the best players go down with the ship.
    • There followed an utterly calamitous war that cost hundreds of thousands of lives on each side and bankrupted both countries.
    • And so it goes: human presence leads then to a calamitous drop-off in the population of caribou.
    • If he hadn't made such a fuss about acceptable standards of behaviour, his fall from grace might not have been so swift and calamitous.
    • Some changes can be improvement, but in cities redolent with history they are often calamitous.
    • And there was the calamitous underestimation of the fighting power and resolution of the soldiers.
    • While calamitous, fires do and can have a positive outcome.
    • ‘No one can fathom the calamitous consequences if the crisis ignites a war,’ they said.
    • Nasa received data from the Spirit rover yesterday for the first time in two days, ending fears that the Mars mission may have come to a calamitous halt.
    • It is still a tale of thwarted hopes and suppressed unhappiness, but the misery she reveals is calamitous only in its traumatic effects on one family.
    • Is there some sort of 6th sense that tells people what is a ‘normal’ disaster and what is unusual and calamitous danger?
    • The obliging stylist agreed to re-do her calamitous colouring, despite fears that her hair could be damaged by too much colour so soon after the disaster.
    • Today, opinion is divided on whether the new course is better or worse - but everyone agrees the disruption has been calamitous and unnecessary.