Translation of calculating in Spanish:


calculador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkælkjəˌleɪdɪŋ/ /ˈkalkjʊleɪtɪŋ/


  • 1

    • It is difficult to judge a man as calculating when he seems so natural.
    • It was decidedly hard to do with Mr Cunningham's cold, judging, calculating eyes were staring at us.
    • Whatever the reason, his public persona seems guarded and calculating and his repeated protestations of humility usually fall flat.
    • They're cunning, they're devious, they're calculating.
    • When viewers meet her, Claire is a determined, rather calculating career woman, an ambitious lawyer working for the Prosecution Service.
    • Clearly the robots take the long-term view on this one, as they would, what with being utilitarian calculating machines designed for the preservation of life.
    • Mr Latham said it suggested ‘a devious and calculating mind well able to think about what he needed to do to distract attention away from himself’.
    • Strydom was at his shrewd and most calculating best.
    • Both of these ladies bided their time and proved to be quite calculating and ruthless.
    • This is not the undertaking of a benevolent nation helping another in the spirit of friendship and trust, but a cold calculating act designed to crush the human spirit and bring about the death of hope.
    • The movie presents her not just as ambitious talent; we also see the shrewdly calculating side that propelled her into the spotlight.
    • Likewise, the promotion of the controversy by national manufacturers' associations has been calculating and disingenuous.
    • There's something very calculating and manipulative about how he does things.
    • So our military has to be very shrewd, very calculating and I think that they are laying out those plans.
    • I was quite struck by the image used for that tour, because it does not seem an accident, it seems very well designed in a calculating fashion.
    • Mrs Cunningham gave me a calculating look over my sketchpad that was filled with spite and dislike.
    • At one extreme, imagine genetically engineered minds devoid of conscience or empathy and at the same time highly calculating and ruthless in the pursuit of their own desires.
    • Underneath the mane of blonde hair was a ruthless calculating brain.
    • He paused for a moment, with a spreading calculating smile designed to draw the others in.
    • Indeed, I am concerned that without such a change the whole bill looks more cynical and calculating than the Minister probably intends.