Translation of calculation in Spanish:


cálculo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkælkjəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ /kalkjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    cálculo masculine
    • Precise mathematical calculations are worked out and this determines how a person's life is affected.
    • The only gripe he had about the paper was the amount of calculations students were required to complete.
    • He spent hours each day carrying out complex mathematical calculations to maintain the deception.
    • A simple calculation based on the amount of energy needed to flood New York suggested the claim was exaggerated.
    • They give little knowledge about any mathematical calculations which might have been done with the number systems.
    • Most mechanics from those times tended to be simple aids for applied mathematical calculations.
    • The record does not contain the trial court's calculations for determining the damages.
    • When you do the calculations on the amount deposited its not a good return.
    • Guo used other clever mathematical techniques in his calculations for the calendar.
    • The dispute then is not with respect to the mathematical calculation but rather the entitlement.
    • The Society no doubt had to make a reverse calculation in order to determine the differential final bonuses.
    • People engage in market calculations to determine how much energy to give each other.
    • The rest of the tournament is decided by complicated calculations or, as it turns out, by the weather.
    • The hope is that shoppers could monitor their intake without having to do complicated calculations.
    • For this Piero uses a method which involves a very large amount of tedious calculation.
    • His main skill was in numerical calculations and manipulation of complicated expressions.
    • Relatively complicated calculations are necessary to point to this conclusion.
    • Working out if you are entitled to this involves even more complex calculations.
    • Yes, time is required to do a calculation known amongst mathematicians as subtraction.
    • So he's going to have to do some research to determine the figures before he can do his calculations.
  • 2

    cálculo masculine
    by / according to my calculation(s) según mis cálculos
    • This agrees with the scientific calculations of risk that I have found.
    • All the risk calculations are age based so you will see some changes.
    • This is, of course, a theoretical calculation, but one which graphically illustrates the point.
    • Rather than risk reward calculations and unthinking optimism, what we need now is courage.
    • Exact calculations of this effect are extremely difficult, and can only really be done by computer modelling.
    • All these factors will tend to underestimate our calculations of risk.
    • Many doctors use risk calculations for heart disease to help advise their patients.
    • You would not undertake a detailed calculation or assessment of the individual piping and its instruments.
    • For example, the transfer of the loans may be at a discount, taking potential risks into the calculation of price.
    • We aimed to enable the calculation of risk of cardiovascular death within five years from a few personal factors.
    • The overall calculation of risk may include more than one type of screening test plus the woman's age.
    • In both cases political calculations ran aground on the rock of public opinion.
    • Both are cynical gestures driven by political calculations rather than by a moral inspiration that comes from the soul.
    • A conflict over resources was brewing, but it was political calculations that lit the spark.
    • We also tend to obscure a big principle with everyday political calculations and chatter.
    • Adequate training is required to ensure that the risk calculation tools are used only for appropriate patients.
    • In every case, they are motivated by the basest and most transparent political calculations.
    • This consideration is not, of course, absent from the calculations of politicians.
    • This is the period over which Mr. Lee has projected the calculation of future loss.
    • You could hear the whirr and hum of political calculation, the internal hedging of bets.
  • 3

    there was cold calculation in everything she did todo lo hacía de manera fría y calculadora