Translation of calfskin in Spanish:


piel de becerro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæfˌskɪn/ /ˈkɑːfskɪn/


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    piel de becerro feminine
    cuero de becerro masculine
    becerro masculine
    • ‘Ostrich hide is tougher than calfskin and only crocodile skin is more attractive and beautiful than it,’ Atanassov said.
    • That changed in '97, when they started using a more refined kind of leather - Italian calfskin - giving their goods a sleeker, more urban look.
    • The Bible is written on vellum or calfskin, using 250 skins, with a thicker texture for the illustrations.
    • Tan leather shoes are available as loafers or oxfords, as well as suede or calfskin, just make sure that the color is practical with the rest of your wardrobe.
    • Ponyskin, eelskin, buff, chamois, calfskin, split: these are the leathers utilized in the Trussardi Fall / Winter Collection 2002 / 2003.
    • Milan's five-star visitors demand top spots in which to kick off their calfskin leather heels, so it's no surprise that luxury hotels are on every corner.
    • Mine is made of black calfskin leather and is a smaller size, but you get the picture.
    • Often referred to as vellum, which etymologically means calfskin, parchment results from soaking the skins in lime and water, scraping, and drying them while stretched.
    • Another value added to the cows was the fact that while the rest of Europe used manuscripts made from sheepskin, in Ireland it was calfskin.
    • They coated their ships with a veritable stew of noxious and obstructing materials: heavy black tar, pitch, calfskin, cows' hair, ashes, glue, moss, and charcoal.
    • Nessler specializes in working on the old-fashioned medium of vellum, or calfskin, and sells her work for $1,000 to $7,000.
    • Elegance and sheer perfection - that's what characterizes these Prada boots, made from black calfskin and featuring a unique rubber sole.
    • You'll pay a premium for butter-soft calfskin (from young female cows).
    • This double-fold money belt is 3 inches wide and is made of the softest pebble grain calfskin imaginable.
    • The parchment on which they wrote was vellum, calfskin, prepared by well established methods.
    • The shape is sophisticated, but still quite knockabout, and the divinely soft calfskin creases in a pleasing way.
    • Dubbed ‘13 ’, the clothing line will feature price points up to $900 for a leather jacket; along with items like tearaway calfskin pants, velour shirts and leather cargo pants.
    • A small cadre of men wearing a large cache of chains, pierces, cuffs, and assorted sterling silver bling-bling were waiting for their no-doubt-distressed calfskin duffel bags.
    • Unlike their calfskin counterparts, synthetic drum heads can be made the same way every time, an important feature if you're recording a CD in a studio over a span of weeks or months.
    • Everything, down to the £100-a-throw cinnamon-coloured calfskin menus, expresses comfort, discretion and affluence.
    • A slick pair of black calfskin gloves is always stylish.
    • A soldier found some calfskin boots for her, but those became ruined after a short march through the mud that was sometimes knee deep.
    • I briefly remove one of my black calfskin gloves and bless myself with the water; I need all of the blessings I can get.
    • The room smelled of new calfskin luggage and nail-lacquer remover.
    • Andrew enjoyed golf and will be remembered for his debonair appearance, particularly the rakish angle of his trilby hat and his cream calfskin gloves.
    • Kate pulled out the calfskin boots and put them on.
    • Heavy tomes covered much of the walls but he only ran a hand over a few of the calfskin covers.