Translation of calibration in Spanish:


calibrado, n.

Pronunciation /kæləˈbreɪʃ(ə)n/ /kalɪˈbreɪʃ(ə)n/

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    (set of graduations)
    calibrado masculine
    • The event this week is the first of two events early in the cruise phase that check instrument calibrations after launching.
    • Maximum time limits were set to equal minimum time limits for fossil calibrations (i.e., calibrations were ‘fixed’), and only invertebrates were used to calibrate.
    • In addition to the basics, there are many specialized tools with unexpected shapes or special calibrations to streamline certain sewing tasks.
    • Divergence times among clades in the ochrocephala complex were estimated using two different molecular clock calibrations (no specific calibration exists for the Psittaciformes).
    • In turn, those anchor points can be used as calibrations for more detailed time estimation within the group under study.
    • Scotland's history has always been a subject of controversy, even when dealing with the million-year calibrations of geology.
    • A wavelength calibration module calibrates the detection and control unit.
    • By being able to watch what's happening and using this information to make more precise machine calibrations, the team was able to boost the value.
    • This calculation is vital, because it allows a technician to determine whether various meter calibrations are correct.
    • The calibrations are checked before the game and at the intervals.
    • The filter coefficients are determined automatically when the O / E converter is connected to the oscilloscope, eliminating the need for factory calibrations.
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    calibrado masculine
    • It means that the process of testing and calibration is seen as providing defence against the critical uncertainties of the world.
    • But be aware that this is a highly complex device, and will require some careful calibration and setup.
    • It's a rather crude and simple device, but still require calibration and care.
    • Thermobarometers require thermodynamic calibration of the equilibrium constant for a particular reaction or set of reactions.
    • For accurate dead reckoning, calibration is required for the odometer pulses and the gyroscope.
    • The likely outcome of such an approach is that the models require major and separate calibration for every different circumstance.
    • The instrument operates from a standard electrical outlet and requires no calibration.
    • In order to obtain absolute estimates of these quantities, calibration using the fossil record is required.
    • Hematocrit and hemoglobin values were obtained at baseline for calibration of oximetry measurements.
    • The oximeter device has been manufactured to automatically perform calibration when switched on.
    • In each study, hospital mortality was higher than predicted with resultant poor model calibration.
    • We'll be conducting calibrations of the science instruments and of the engineering subsystems as we go forward.
    • Shortly before the helium runs out sometime toward the end of August or beginning of September, the team plans to perform an important series of instrument calibrations.
    • The Canadian project scientist also leads a team of scientists from across the country in planning the instrument function, calibrations and early science investigations.
    • The instruments were swapped out for annual calibrations, so every year a different detector resided at each site.
    • Any of these factors could vary in a single instrument over the time period between successive calibrations.
    • She watched her instrument panel and saw as the minute calibrations to their trajectory were made.
    • To allow frequent on-site calibrations, a new calibration procedure for erythemally weighing broadband radiometers that provides comparable measurements with the lowest possible effort is discussed in this article.
    • The next two sections provide a brief description of the two calibrations and are followed by a description of the experiment used to test calibration performance.
    • They recommend quality control of laboratories, where calibrations are carried out.