Translation of call box in Spanish:

call box

cabina telefónica, n.


  • 1

    cabina telefónica feminine
    teléfono público masculine
    • One day I was expecting an important call so I rang my home telephone from a public call box and keyed into my messaging service to see if anyone had phoned.
    • John Marshall was on the run from York Police when he telephoned his mother from a public call box in Amsterdam and told her he had nothing to lose.
    • It was much easier than going to the call box outside then running back inside the shop to make my purchase.
    • From a call box he phoned Susan and was surprised to get an answer.
    • He had been unable to get through on his mobile and so had used a call box.
    • A CCTV operator then gave police details of a man in a call box on Kew Road, Richmond.
    • But subsequently he had changed that account and said he now remembered meeting a witness and being out of his flat earlier and going to a call box to ring his drug supplier.
    • Griffin says covert liaisons and secret calls from a lover in a call box proclaiming how much he needs you are romantic and even addictive.
    • Still standing in the same village is the red call box which features in the film.
    • You only had to use a call box once during the day to realise it was costing you an arm and a leg.
    • Since he doesn't want his wife to find out about phoning the young lass he phones her instead from a call box, the very same one, every morning at a set time.
    • She was walking back to her hostel after phoning her boyfriend at a nearby call box when she was attacked.
    • I remember a sequence where he is in a call box in the middle of nowhere waiting to jump another freight train west.
    • Residents say that a succession of elderly women in the village has kept the call box spick and span and added the homely touches for more than 15 years.
    • His time machine looks like a British police call box from the '60s.
    • British Telecom announced recently that it planned to remove around 10,000 of the 75,000 public call boxes of all types still in existence.
    • British Telecom is planning to axe 30,000 call boxes throughout the country.
    • It blames the proliferation of mobile phones for the fact that some call boxes, particularly those in quieter areas, are becoming obsolete.
    • At one point she claims her daughter's mobile phone number was plastered in call boxes and at bus stops inviting people to ring her on a chat line.
    • Cellular technology is rendering coin operated call boxes redundant.