Translation of call letters in Spanish:

call letters

distintivo de llamada, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    distintivo de llamada masculine
    • Tom recognized the call letters to the radio station in the area.
    • Being on WGN tonight reminded me that call letters for radio and TV stations often used to be chosen as acronyms for something else.
    • And he once gave a Morse Code rendition of his station's call letters by blowing through a plastic airplane - shaped gadget called a nose flute.
    • According to his family, most of his problems started last year, when he had the call letters of an Illinois radio station tattooed on his forehead..
    • When I was in radio, I worked at a station with the call letters of KOCC.
    • The bold red letters in the bottom left hand of the screen, directly above the station's call letters, seemed at odds with the what the woman was conveying.
    • At 5: 30 a.m., we'd pull into the station lot and park, often next to a Humvee painted with the station's call letters.
    • While his radio home call letters have changed, his opinionated style has not.
    • They also have a list of the stations, call letters, and times of the program's airing.
    • We will post their call letters on our front page Monday.
    • As a result, you may find yourself in the embarrassing situation of calling what you believe to be different stations because they have different call letters and different phone numbers.
    • Even now, walking into a store that had CBS on the stereo, to hear the call letters was the equivalent of comfort food; the warm, cozy feeling of your past reaching out to give you a squeeze.
    • According to the city, its call letters weren't registered.
    • Executives are now debating a change in name, however they are now finding that many similar call letters are already taken.
    • Perhaps appropriate to Helton's later involvement in NASCAR, the call letters stood for ‘Watch Our Popularity Increase.’
    • The next year, when I moved to California, just having their call letters on my otherwise unimpressive resume was enough to land me my first paid radio job.
    • To top it off, they were changing the call letters.
    • It seems anyone with a microphone and call letters has questions for Brees, who doesn't know when to say when on interview requests.
    • It was a panel truck with the call letters across the side.
    • It modestly took the call letters WGN, shorthand for ‘World's Greatest Newspaper.’